EL-DARA (Undergoing design)
Star Elves
I have managed to come up with a title of the project of conceptual art, that would develop into a graphical novel, maybe even an animation.. it is
Meaning "Star Elves"
It surely be dumb if I called it the space elves with their flying organic tentacle spaceships.


Next design Logo/Titel  --> (Make Artistic Title)

Create Introduction -->

Do Conceptual Art for consistency (This would take a while, and will redesign these pages at the same time to best access the content.)


The following table will evolve into menu items for the site pages focusing on El-DARA

  Title & Graphic Design

SketchBook Sketches Go here be it scans from sketchbook or sketched digitally.
Conceptual Art - Spaceships Neat Conceptual work focusing on the spacecraft only
Conceptual Art - Scenes Neat Conceptual work on places/landscapes/waterscapes/space scapes/interactions to give an idea of things
Conceptual Art - Characters   Character Design in Detail


The Comic Book(s)




The Lone Elves Project is Cancelled and replaced with EL DARA due to real life discrimination and thrown against  intersex and trans people, and working around that is too depressing... so I think of something to break away from trauma , but as a reference it is still archived here , but you would need Flash or Light Spark to access it.--> 


Yes it is loose cannon to the origins of the Space Elves in EL - Dara