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1) Intersexuality, Transgender, Transsexuality, Gender Variants, Sensual art


This site contains information for the intersexed and  transsexual, transgendered and community,  If you have a problem with the subject of the third genders or think its absurd or crude then you have a problem and it is not the problem of this site, or me or the people I discuss here. If you don't know what it is I suggest you click the "Intersex/Gender" link where the sub-site will give you a good description of what it is all about it in more detail, where you may learn something new, and using myself as well as many popular people of references, who have been mentioned in the media.


The art of myself , as I proclaim to be a sensual art, is about sensuality, arts of sensuality, a subject which is rather much of a taboo in the dominant western society. Sensual art existed throughout the ages and was very much part of culture and art in the vedic times, where people built anti gravity crafts in history (vemanas). The art relates to the vedic culture in the sculptures used in temples such as the ones in Khajuraho for example.


I have an essay/informative document on Arts Of Sensuality in writings/poems , which illustrates the art of awakening in the sense of awakening and removing the illusions of society of this sort of work and its beauty.


The reason behind why my work mostly focuses on Arts Of Sensuality is mainly because it what drives me to create to the pure potential of myself as an artist. There is so much taboo and misinformation about sensual art, it is unbelievable with strongly enforced censorship. Sensual art is there to tingle at all the sixth senses where the spectator of the art gets transported into the imaginary world of imagination to sense, to touch, to taste, to see and hear what the exists in the world. Naturally everyone is an individual and have a different interpretation of the work, however its trying to bring through the patterned emotions which the artist feels to the spectator of the work, is the ultimate challenge. The message and voice within the artwork that can be recognised. Due to the enforced biased programming of society towards nudity, the understanding of true love, happiness. It is the barrier or wall that gets blockaded not releasing the true meaning of the work, which is why a description of the work is often useful, to allow the viewer to be at ease , and get to understand the flow and fluidly of the emotions the artwork exhales. Sensual art, Arts f Sensuality is not porn. Time and effort and the precision and detail which is an art, including the fact in getting the anatomy as correct as possible. Sensual art does not only stimulate suppressed emotions, it also releases and eliminates anger and hatred, if the work is looked at without a veiled perception.



 That is people seeing context, scrutinizing it rather than seeing the deeper message within the work. The language of art is something that can be easily learned and sensual art help develops that, it ignites creativity and ambition. Sensual art is constructed on the basis of true love and best done after meditation, and even better off with sensual meditation, where love is amplified into the work, on the constructs of meditated infinity. Since sensual art is able to touch all the senses of an individual within their imaginations, a release of endorphins is often present. These endorphins do have natural healing properties. If they are not suppressed by the ignorance of society, they are capable of boosting the immune system, calming or even stopping a migraine, as well add a few points of life span extensions, as well allows the body to more speedily recover itself on a small degree, such as that of sleeping. Sleeping is a form of meditation. In most cases people often use the idea of protecting children as an excure to suppress sensual art, in fear that there children would loose there innocence. This is a mere fact of an illusion.


 If you think back when you yourself was a child, the sensuous emotions at times you never really understood, punishing and blocking instead of teaching, educating the child to recognise these emotions and understand them, develops a more mature spiritually enhanced child, who understands. Blocking and abuse only creates sexual perversions, which exist today. Art in itself provides the ability to remove the veils and misconceptions of society to understand the beauty of our form and the recognition of ourselves with infinity and how we relate to each other better. Focusing on empathy, tenderness, compassion, understanding , truth, humility and love, which are fruits of a higher consciousness. Many people within the galaxy has reached this level of understanding and consciousness, art in itself can help aid people to think non themselves for improvement, in reaching the state of a higher consciousness, elevated and rescued from violence, aggression , jealousy and the ideals of wars, weaponry, greed and capitalism… as we all see the purpose of having each other.

The success of Arts Of sensuality is fragile like that of a butterfly, a moth or a flower, it can only, it can only blossom when the constricts have been removed, and it can only flourish on the nutrients of empathy, tenderness, compassion, understanding , truth, humility and love. If it lacks at least one of them, it isn’t true arts of sensuality.




 wonder when I look at life, and you may see.
Its leaves has weaped over mystery.
Its dwellers don't understand what they fully see.
Unravelled grass can lavender bloom.
Unravelled forests can lead path to desserts of doom.

For hope has a place in your loving heart.
For hope has a place in a loving heart.

When winter returns, and makes life hard times.
The air evenly flows, through your ocean tides
One hope, one place may end or it may start

Yearn to Love, and learn to love and you may dream
And if it should leave may your love have wings and be free.
Then search your heart, there is more to see
When hope is full, your heart is free.

Many roads in life are long and dull, and hard.
Let love rise and never let it depart.
Let hope have a place in your loving heart.

May love wash away your tears and make your heart free.
May love make new hope, new dreams and fantasy.



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In a short summery : YOU MAY NOT COPY AND SELL MY WORK, only keep for collection purposes only, when you back up my work I appreciate it as you never know , anything can happen. DO NOT ALTER OR CHANGE MY GRAPHICS in the basis of negative consciousness to spread hatred or violent inentions, OR USE THEM COMMERCIALLY AND ESPECIALLY DON'T EVER EVER USE IT FOR A BUSINESS SITE !!!If you want to use the images for your personal sites please email me for permission and you don't need to buy them. If you own a business/commercial site and sell things on the site and want to use the images , please email me AND You must pay me for the images used.



You are Raelian and wondering what's up with this symbol ?




The Raelian Symbol, and Rael's Words


The spinning Raelian symbol (Swastika in Star of David also Galaxy ), was given to me by special friend in Israel, who is a Guide of the Raelian Movement, I edited it to be transparent. If you freaked out by the symbol presuming I am a Jew-Nazi, it is older than then the planet Earth itself and there are artefacts throughout history to prove it eg; in Hindu culture, for more info please the site and read Intelligent Design, if you don't understand. Discovering the Raelian Movement was the biggest discovery of my life since it helped me a lot with my identity, who I am and possibly why I am here, and some of my questions had been answered. However some of my thoughts and including my symbol and philosophy in life had been similar to his, which I now discover was from the Elohim (Star People/extraterrestrials) and how they coincided to an 85% ratio had been amazing. I feel more is yet to come in the future along this path that is positive, bight, exciting and glowing with love and light. The symbol itself is truly a blueprint of infinity, the universe and everything, and the key to tapping in , literally plugging in into an infinite amount of energy without any fuel or batteries, since the Infinite or even the universe is your battery/power supply.


Some more information about the science and truth that exists behind it all if you assume the RAELIAN philosophy to be well... in nice terms invalid.. , here is the evidence that it strongly isn't.



The ultimate source of complete renewable energy understanding , with the key of the universe and infinity, the source of all density that is nothing but at its highest density , the black whole, the black sun... where solar, wind, waves etc are not to suffice and people still enslaved to the coin... where no true freedom exists....
You always known there was something wrong with the world, people destroying the living things, killing each other and compet8ing each other out of greed, where there is suffering and pain.. Understanding the Universe, Life and everything, can change that, and understanding the key blue print of the universe and everything would birth ideas of tapping into the infinite amount of energy that exists around us, true hope, peace, love, prosperity, immortality, tenderness.. awaken your six senses sensually we are all one..
The physics of where the infinitely small on quantum level connect with the physics of the infinitely large...
Infinity Technology snippet from explained... Infinity Technology snippet from explained... and can be proved and and put into action with the physics of Nassim Haramein -

 (videos  links had been removed and censored, resulting broken links, will search to update this evidence)

Gone are stupid fossil fuels, biofuels, is where Rael had been given a message with the symbol of infinity from the Elohim, who as well gave the ancient people this gift...
countries, borders .. and policy... welcome to vril/vortex/black sun/black whole energy... and consciousness.
thanks to for some of the great video graphics on vril ideas.



To be sensual, is to let the environment you are in give you pleasure. The discovery of self, an important step on the road to the awakening of the mind.

The awakening of the body goes hand in hand with the awakening of the spirit. By neglecting one's body, the mind is also being put to sleep.

Sexual education is very important, but it only teaches the technical functioning of the organs and their use. Sensual education allows us to learn to take pleasure with our organs, by seeking only pleasure, without necessarily using the functions they were designed for...

To only explain what organs are for, is like saying that music is used to march, or that writing is only used for letters of request...

Blossoming An individual must seek his/her blossoming according to his/her aspirations, tastes and tendencies without worrying about what others think as long as he/she does not harm anyone else.

Everyone's life rests on a tripede :

the professional level the philosophical level the affectionate-sexual level In order for the individual to reach accomplishment, it is necessary to construct one's life while maintaining a healthy balance between these three levels.

If you wish to do something, first make sure that it does not harm anyone else, and then do it without worrying about what other people think.


Human beings are linked to the infinite which surrounds and composes him by his captors, the senses

To awaken one's senses is to awaken one's brain. This is the principle of Sensual Meditation.

To meditate sensually is to train your senses to feel more PLEASURE in order to fully enjoy sounds, colours, smells, saveurs, caresses, and more specifically one's sexuality with all the senses.

To meditate is to put our body in harmony with the infinite environment which surrounds and composes us, so that the mind benefits from the greatest comfort to develop its inner feelings and creativity.

Meditation is a prayer addressed to oneself, to one's brain.


A place to meditate Sensual Meditation allows us to achieve a high level of harmony with the infinite. For this, it is absolutely necessary to set up a space for the sensual meditation.

Works of art, tapestries, paintings, posters, sculptures which evoke love and harmony are welcome in this space, this being for the pleasure of sight.

Pillows and furs to satisfy the touch. Perfumes for the pleasure of smell, and a pleasant music for the pleasure of sound.

The pleasure of the palette can be stimulated by fruits and quality foods. The space for meditation is ready to greet you.

To relax oneself and breathe With your eyes closed, lying down, you soak in the ambiance of the space. Softly, breathe consciously, and increase the deepness of your breath. Keep this respiratory rhythm for seven or eight minutes, as oxygen is essential to succeed in this exercise.

To feel your body and a voluntary action Allow your breathing to come back to normal and imagine a wave of heat penetrating your body, starting from the base with your toes, and which rises slowly, at your rhythm, until you reach the solar plexus.



Create another wave of heat at the ends of your hands and make it rise along your arms until the solar plexus.

From there, make the heat rise to your throat with your imagination, then over the face to finally reach the summit of your head.

In the middle of your forehead, imagine a spiral rotating around your head, "forehead, right temple, back of the head, left temple" and slowly penetrating the inside with this same movement until it reaches the centre of your brain. This is where a gland lies, which secretes balancing substances for the organism, thus creating harmony with the infinitely small which composes us.

After a few minutes of this exercise, go back through this spiral in the opposite direction until you reach the initial point, in order to become conscious of what surrounds you.

A vision of the space which surrounds us Now that your body is in harmony with the matter which composes it, your mind can feel the neighbouring environment. Now visualize the neighbouring countryside, and then imagine yourself in a spatial voyage above the continent, above the planet, beyond the solar system and the galaxies to feel the tranquillity of infinite space.

At that moment you should feel an intense joy, for you are in harmony with the infinitely big which surrounds you.

The atoms and the galaxies, a harmonious movement Your psychic consciousness allows you to feel the harmony which reigns in the infinitely small and the infinitely big and allows you to be in total harmony. You are the consciousness of infinity expressing itself through pleasure.

The harmony within you When you have soaked in enough harmony, all you have to do is slowly come back to your level on earth, conscious of your body and mind which are one.

Once you have assimilated this process of Sensual Meditation taught by Rael, repeat the exercise every day, preferably in the morning.


The society which is now surfacing will allow more room for leisure activities and for the expression of each person's talents in all fields in the next few years to come

We are entering an era of leisure activities, of art and of the genuine values of the
individual :

" Consider every natural thing as an art and every art as a natural thing "

" You shall do everything in your capacity to encourage artists and to help your child if he/she is drawn towards the arts "

" Art is one of the best expressions to put ourselves in harmony with the infinite "

" All art is inspired by harmony and therefore permits those who appreciate it to become invaded by something which is harmonious, thus creating the condition to put oneself in harmony with the infinite " (RAEL. The True Face of God) ( 4/2/01 )


About Censorship and Sensuality and more secrets the government hides from you.


To add:

From Rael's Intelligent design "The Above is like that which is below is the Star Of David, and the Swastika is that everything is cyclic, that the top becomes the bottom and the bottom becomes the top, and the origins of the creators and there sentients are similar and are linked. To get more accurate information in detail about the symbol, Rael and Raelians please click the symbol



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