Beauty in Darkness




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A beautiful, relaxing, androgynous gothic work with the portrait of a friend Azriel and their friends.


The beauty in Darkness
(Azriel and pointed eared friends in the moonlight)
This picture was done for Azriel :[link]
Its a portrait of Azriel, the Bishonen elf and his/her friends :-)
Yes the picture is a confusion of gender for those who do not know of Bishies.
Azriel is a real live Bishonen person who does elf art of the dark kind.
I simply wish that Azriel meant much more than an acquaintance to me,
and to show Azriel my love and kindness and feelings I have done this picture.

I simply love this picture, and I hope Azriel would enjoy it as just as much as I enjoy it, its sitting as part of my desktop wallpaper!:-)
I studied allot of the art Azriel gave me to study... and this what I came up, I thought there hair was purple, since the computer i was viewing the art on had something wrong with its screen...

I downloaded the files and the hair colour is correct.
Li in this picture is the one with the wings, or it could be the one lying on the right in the arms of another red haired elf.

I simply am very happy with this picture, and its better than the first Azriel pic I have done. A bit more friendly and a bit more romantic.

well I leave it up to you to see the story in the picture...
and that background, I was inspired and completed it first during the full moon that was a few days ago... and in the mists of the forests i live in.

This picture is done with friendship treaty with the Azriel elf and the Zana elf

Anyone is an elf? or thinks they are an elf?

If so please note me ZanaNeiChan for an elvin treaty friendship request!!! which is art done as you in elf form !!:-)

Quickly before this elf goes back into her forest.....

Note me, and your requests will be listed according to first come first serve...
The elves will be the size of Azriel picture... if you want anything larger... please support Zana and her girl pills...since she is at the moment unemployed. and lost in the misty forests of time... jumping from time zone to time zone... and she has aready seen the future... its looking scary fr humans and especially for the elves and artists
and the delicate fairies who have mere skins of membranous skin... poor things...
The planet earth (Middle Earth) actually started to die in 25th December 2004 ... and since then you will be seeing ,more geological hazards, ecological hazards etc.. the Humans are killing the living planet... well just like what happened to Mars (Outer Earth) and well Venus (Inner Earth) did not quite developed with the elvin Teraforming project since it was to close to the sun, and methane to carbon dioxide did not delevelope to oxygen, but to sulphuric acid because the young planet is extremely active...and energetic for life.



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