Elves Of The Blue Moon




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A detailed sensual work that illustrates the adaptation of the elves through sensual meditation to get accustomed to the dense atmosphere of the Blue Moon which orbits a gas Giant in Alpha Centauri.


Elves of the Blue Moon
Please note I have two editions:
(Plain Background - WallPaper edition)
(Full Scene - Zana/Danielle portrait edition)

This one was the big and wonderfull one i had been doing for a freind Jose' as it was his request to do a portrait of myself, and i also wanted to add in some other elves. I hope he likes it it had taken me a month to complete... and my computer crashed 4 times on the foreground scene with the elves.
The background was done in Terregen + Poser + Celestia for planet and rendered separately, but placed on a primitive "box" in the final scene, like what they do backgrounds in computer games.
The fore ground scene done in Poser.

Over here I really went to town with rendering shadows and raytracing reflections, which is why my PC crashed 4 times...guess I reached the limit of my hardware... and i know now what is the limit. Very simple compared to my other work, but went into more detail with the available simplicity.

Now the description of the image...

Well The Blue Moon is a moon orbiting a ringed gas giant very much like Saturn.This Gas giant planet is called Val'istar which orbits 2 suns, a binary star system. The elves call the moon "Luin Ithil". This moon is a colony world for the elves which borders the end of Elf space and Dark Empire space, and is a resting place, as well as a repair place for Damaged space craft and borg elves.

The reason why its named the blue moon is because it has a dense atmosphere, with gravity slightly higher than that of Earth and the elvin home world. The world does not really have any oceans or seas, but it is a speckled combination of land and water. It has no ice caps and a very humid atmosphere. Since it has a 30% oxygen concentration, and a 25% carbon dioxide content, so the air is thick, and takes while for the elves to adapt to the high doses of oxygen, and CO2, so they spend most of the time sleeping in egg like cocoons on the planet, and takes them a week to be weaned by a genetic modified tentacle organism to breath the thick moist atmosphere. Life on this planet is very slow and laid back, and borgs and droids do all the space ship repair works. For the mothership to land on the planet it takes Blue moon rotation around the gas giant. The reason it has to take time to land due to he fact the atmosphere is is extremely flammable, so it hovers slowly to land, if it goes any faster the atmosphere would ignite.

Here in the image you see me "Zana" and "Zanaria" her best lover and Queen of the Elves in Elvin Space. Who have already been through the atmosphere weaning process, with a tailed elf, and some other elves. The elves to the right are just coming out of the cocoon like structures.

When the elves arrived and took there first breath of the atmosphere they passed out from the intensity. They were carried by the local elves or fairies to the strange homes grown on this world. Each home has about 4 to 10 weaning cocoons. Elves don't believe in destroying vegetation for homes, they create there homes by genetically modifying some of the vegetation to grow into homes, and in time, they grow bigger, and bigger, able to accommodate more elves. Eventually at a certain age, the elf home becomes "self aware" and be able to genetically modify itself and invent new things to host the elves on a symbiotic basis, providing food, communications and more, such as the weaning cocoons for example.

The local elves and fairies carry them to some of the homes which have space to accommodate more elves, and are dropped in the entrances near the cocoons. The cocoons open up, and an array of tentacles pic and drag the passed out elves into them, selecting 2 to three elves per cocoon. The tentacles connect to the elves, and envelope them in a slimy substance. They sleep like , that and when its time for them to leave, the elves inside undergo intimate and exhausting movements with the tentacles and each other, this is to get there muscles used to the high oxygen concentration absorption. The exhausted, and locked in intimacy elves are then released slowly and gently into the pools by the tentacles.. and get to meet other elves.. and spend the days in the sun swimming, and having fun, while they watch there mothership being repaired and upgraded. When its ready, they get weaned back to a less dense atmosphere and then, they will be beamed inside the mother ship, before the slingshot around the gas giant into warp speeds. Some may stay and remain on this thick aired world, some locals may join in the quest.. fairies are un-affected to the atmospheric change, and adapt quickly, and find it quite enjoyable, less wing flapping, and more gliding when flying.



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