Evening Meal Of The Elves




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A beautifully relaxing tasteful piece of art where the elves eat and play on board their pyramid space craft in the central forest.


The elvin evening meal

This graphic is a portrait of poison in a bottle :
She is the elf with the red scales on her skin.. I battled with her face, since V3 did not provide enough morph channels for editing the face, to get full facial features, so i cheated a little and did what i could, and photo-shopped her face as a 50% visible layer over the final render... hence the .jpg artefact still visible, however, the image size is larger than my usual works which she can count on as repayment for my cheating on the face,lol...

All the elves and fairies were rendered to completion with no post work, some post work had been done on the dribble of the two kissing elves and some of the slime.
The slim is actually dripping off the roof of the structure they are in onto the elves.
The production of this slime is from the fruit that grows in the plant creepers, and some have it in there bowls. Its a fruit the elves love. It tastes like strawberries and cream which have been blended and mixed together. Elves love there sweet things, and often enjoy feeding each other rather than themselves and also lick and eat food off there bodies which had dropped on them. They also drink milk from each other as well, but this is not depicted in the image since it would make it appear adult. They are very loving towards each other, and always laugh , giggle and play, kiss and hug, which often lacks in human society, very sad... and humans often hate, kill, murder and rape, neglect , despise... very little love exists, and such affection is not allowed.

This scene is taken in the elvin ship's biosphere near one of the corners where the ship's engine's plasma tubes pulsate with light, and produce heat around the surrounding water which creates steam and mist for the biosphere.
The Twi-elves and tailed elves have long tongues, and have tiny mouths, or oral cavities on the tips of there tongues, this normally is used when they bite into hard shell fruit, and penetrate and feed on the soft fruity insides..., and often use them as for touching as well as tasting..
There tails are sensitive as well, since like all creatures with tails, part of there spinal column is in there. and tailed elves love to have there tails stroked or held. They often use the tail sometimes as a third arm. for example, if a tailed elf had to use a standard PC it would use the keyboard with her hands, but move the mouse with her tail, and possible shoot her tongue out to press function keys..
There are fairies there too, here they like to lick off the remains of fruit off the elves, and also tickle and play with the elves... and chat as well... but have higher squeaky pitched voices...and some when flying around sound like flapping birds or large insects.
There is not much of a story to this artwork, since most of it is described in the image, and what the elves are talking about to each other really is not that important, its just there daily gossip of jokes and giggles, and love praises.
The species/races of elves in the image:
1 Twi-Elf, the green elf with the head tails and abdomen tail
2) Dark Elves "Zanaria" getting fed... and her friend, kissing on right
3) 1 Goth elf, the one kissing the other dark elf
4) 1 Tailed elf, the greyish green elf...
5) 1 Arthro-Elf the elf with the antennae
6) 1 Scaled elf... she is a cross between a Tree elf and a tailed elf, but has no tail.

Tailed elves have the most natural splendid skin colours and patches..
The other elves often tattoo themselves according to race/species



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