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An artwork combination gift for my friend's Sandra and Julia who are also Dana fans with Dana International all as elves in the lush beautifully sensual elvin world.


This is a 3D artwork portrait of Dana International (Israeli singer/Sharon Cohen) in the middle, Julia Roganova on the left of Dana, and Sandra on the
right of Dana. They are done up as elfs. This was a birthday gift for Sandra and Julia who like Dana International as well as my elf art . The elves in the background are just arbitrary elfs from my Imagination as you see one is Zanaria (with the pony tail), The making of this image is secret, the far background is a photo which I downloaded and edited and made into 3d prop, plants I made and the making of them is done in a similar way using primitive poser props.
Characters done in poser... only poser was used to make this image, and i am happy with its outcome.

The title of the image was named after one of Dana's lyrics, the song was played while i was building this, and the imagery of the bananas... based from Cinque-Milla, the bananas are on the ground. But the strangest outcome of this one of the elfs on the right of Sandra, lying in the lap of the Zana looking elf came out to resemble my cousin, which i had made before she arrived! Which i find freaky..
You can refer to "Zana and Cousins" photo uploaded to my gallery the same day i uploaded this, but the elfs were made 4 days before i met my cousins....

I apologise to the two girls i made this as a birthday gift, that its late and should have been done in September, but was very busy with studying for my exams.
I decided to continue making art and doing an erotic piece next, for Jose and Douglas, who like my erotic elf art. I can only start on there piccy when i come back from the Cape, since i have to get ready and get organized since i don't like leavings for the last minute.


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