Garden Palace




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3D Art based on a story how a US military pilot ended up on the elvin planet.


Garden Palace for Jose

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Shalom There this one is for Jose who has now been helping me and being friends for
me about a year and a half (I think) and well it was his birthday last week (Happy
Birthday Jose!!:-) ), and this is the picture I done for him. It does have mild adult
content, if examined closely, so it has been set to adult content on deviantart.
I have compiled a short story with this picture, which is a an extremely small fraction
of my imagination’s stories, more like an episode in the Star Trek from when it first
started to when it ends… That’s how my imagination ranges for my elves, I have put
a lot of detail in it, and the realism effects just blossomed, the elves and the human
were done in poser, everything was done in poser. Realism effects contributed using
photos as textures. And the water was done in poser, I battled to get the reflections
right. Also note the water is capable of projecting holograms, from Elvin Nano
Now the story of this episode.

Earth Year: 2006
Elvin Year : Aquarius 4045: Elf Life Form existence age :200664.662 (Before Dawn of the age Galactic Human War and Pre Birth Of Human Age of Exponential Equilibrium to Dark Singularity as prophesied by Old Elf : Gwenous) Michelle who is an extremely good fighter jet pilot entered into the briefing room of the Pentagon in USA, zipping her jump suit who seemed to be a little stressed out since she had a late night after a hectic party with her military connections.


“Well good morning Miss Michelle, please sit down, er well and make yourself comfortable there and please scan through the papers on the table, as you have a mission to do” said the old grey haired army fart whose position I did not know…
someone in charge of the Pentagon I guess.


“As you know we are spending 127 billion dollars on the development of a robot army here in the US and just spent another 15 million on our flight simulation project which you tested and did pretty well, and you are going to test our new aircraft, which will be used to drop atomic war heads on our enemies in a blink of an eye.” Michelle stared with astonishment, as the old fart continued…who was now giving
her a presentation of technical gibberish. “This aircraft is no ordinary aircraft, it has the ability to travel 600 000 km/h almost the speed of light for very short distances, this is fast enough for you to be un-detected by any device such as a satellite in space, not only you have the speed, you have
complete stealth capabilities, such as be invisible to radar, infra-red and to the naked eye, if the acceleration to this speed should fail” Michelle just in amazement blurted out “ Sir, is this for real ? Can humans travel at that speed?”

“Yes, they can, by the way that suit you are wearing will prevent any physical mishaps to your body as well as the hull of the air craft when travelling that speed, as you can see…the air craft does not have any missiles but it uses pulse weapons very much like the phasers/plasma canons you see in the sci-fi movies, and the flight simulation game, and the nuclear warhead drops out of these doors here, but you are going to drop a dummy over the UN troops in Iraq who are going to collect it and
analyse the data from it..” the old military fart explained while pointing at PowerPoint presentations on a large screen with a long thin cane. The aircraft looked like a hybrid between a UFO and a stealth jet, which was black all over and it foundation dimensions were built in the shape of an arrow head.

“You are now dismissed and a team will be assembled to escort you to your
destination” “Yes sir!” saluted Michelle quickly and walked away when a team of four upper
militants walked in the door… While she was walking out, she began to feel a pain in her left arm and fell unconscious and unaware that the 4 group of militants took her into the laboratory and inserted a microchip built using nano technology into her brain…This device can be used as a tracking device if ever the mission fails… and this chip is capable of more than tracking, her very movements and visual events are monitored from this device. So she was in fact involved in two experiments and not one which she was told about, the other was they were testing this implant in her brain.

The sun scorched her eyes as she woke up, in the cockpit of the pain, already in the air, she seemed to be flying over a desert region, and the aircraft was in auto pilot. “Good Morning Missy” said a voice in her ears over her earphones of her helmet, now if give the controls to you, good luck and have fun” Michelle cursed back, and took hold of the joy stick and pointed the aircraft in the direction of the mission, turning on stealth (stealth for radar and naked eye), it felt strange since the outside of the aircraft seemed to appear as it were made of water and you could see right through it, this water effect slowly faded away, until it was almost 100% completely invisible, this must have been an improvement on the invisibility cell panels she thought. She accelerated more and more until she was cruising at 400 000 km/h and saw America fade away into ocean underneath her.

Not to far away she saw 4 glittery things in the horizon ahead of her, and she was catching up with them, the curious of them was they were jumping around frantically at fast speeds.
“Foo fighters?” Questioned Michelle who now started to accelerate the aircraft towards them “Sir, do you have any experiments out hear besides me?” she voiced over the mouth
piece fitted on her helmet.

“No, Michelle , please move on as you have a mission to complete…try not to hallucinate since you are the fasted woman on Earth already, and people who travel at these speeds see things, I should have given you medication for the mission.” Michelle more curious than ever moved closer, as she accelerated, they seemed to be moving in the direction of her destination. They became more visible and clear to identify, they were …. “UFO’s , Sir those are UFO’s out there..”


Before she could finish her sentence, she hit one of them with a bang, since she battled to decelerate, which made the aircraft spin a little, as well as the thing in the
sky she bumped into… “Those are not hallucinations, they are real…permission to eject and abort mission!”
She screamed.

“Michelle ….” The communications disappeared, into a fuzzy sound and all the
controls of the aircraft went crazy. “Oh shit!” Michelle screamed, trying to gain control of the aircraft. “Mayday, mayday…” she went on at the non functional communication’s device on her helmet. The aircraft went spinning uncontrollably and accelerating, where the speedometer was way over 600 000km/h and things looked funny out the window, the clouds, and see and sky appeared to have been stretched She finally tried to stabilize the spinning manually; in fact was now spinning like a
dart and continued to accelerate as well as the UFO things. They were trying to get away from her, and began to fire dull pulses at her to slow her down…which did not damage the aircraft.

Michelle cursed and fired back at the UFO things in the sky, with pulse weapons knocking one out of range. Three were still in front, and stopped firing. The horizon ahead appeared to open up in hole of some kind, looked like a mini-black hole. She saw the UFO things enter it and disappear in a white flash, the hole seemed to close, but her aircraft seemed to have been swallowed up as well including the UFO thing she hit which caught up behind her, before it closed.

Now things outside of the window of aircraft looked even more crazy, stars and clouds, which were elongated and seemed to flash pass at a blink of an eye, she loses sight of the three UFO things, Michelle battled to breath, the aircraft felt like it was wanting to tear apart, and it screamed an ear piercing sound, it was actually bending and twisting a little, circuits and information panels and screens in the craft exploded in front of her, she felt everything sounded like it was fading, and everything was
getting dark. She passed out, since she could not breathe.


The sun was back in her eyes, as she woke up, flying over the ocean, the aircraft
seemed to be normal. “It must have been a dream”. She thaught. To her surprise it was not as all the electronic gizmos seemed to have been toasted up into carbon. She must be travelling at a very fast speed she thought… when she looked up she saw a large round thing above her with a blue light fixed on her, it was carrying her in a tractor beam. She felt scared and froze. She felt the air craft slow down as it moved towards land which had a large crystal structure on it, with a huge lilac, yellow, red
and orange flower behind it and the rest of the land seemed to be all forest. The forest appeared to be getting bigger and bigger,

“Wow these trees are high as mountains! “ thought Michelle
“Am I on another planet? “ Thought Michelle as she also saw huge mushrooms, twiney crystalline buildings with discs, docking on and off from them, She was amazed as she looked out of the window, it appeared so beautiful, the forest trees seemed to be speckled lightly with rainbows of flowers, the beauty of it all made her feel calm.

“These aliens , whatever they are must be peaceful creatures” she taught as she looked at all, she felt the air craft descent down through the trees, and strange giant mushrooms and strange buildings to three small island not far away from the main land mass, the trees seemed to be smaller down by the coast. The aircraft landed gently on the shallow water, the UFO thing above, stopped the blue light, and flew off, joining the other disks in the sky and headed towards the huge crystalline structures in the distance.

Michelle was feeling rather hot as if she had ended up in the tropics, She opened the hatch of the air craft to get some air in and to get out, the air came in, it was humid and very hot and smelt sweet, it was a hot day she thought. She sweated, and tried to stand and take her suit off, and slipped and fell into the shallow water. She saw another UFO thing fly above her , she hobbled away from the air craft she came out since it was very low over the air craft, She began to try and run away since the UFO thing opened up just directly above the air craft, and a blue light came out, lifted the aircraft, and the UFO seemed to have swallowed the air craft up. It flew away once it took what it wanted, and she flumped into the shallow water trying to get her suit off.

“Hello, Michelle..”
Michelle looked up since her name was mentioned, it was a very gentle voice, and she wondered how they know her name. She looked up and saw a figure walking up to her with her arms open, and hands open, as if the being was showing Michelle it had no weapons. It was a feminine figure,
with very wet or oily skin, long blond hair, and was naked, and had long pointy ears.

“Don’t be afraid, I am Kaimel-vaira or you can call me Dreamweaver as it is easy for you to understand, I am not going to hurt you, I am going to escort you to our Queen,
Zanaria, please be calm”.

The figure smiled and stretched its right hand out as if it Michelle to give her hand out,  Michelle grabbed the hand and took hold of it. The creature helped Michelle out of the water onto the sand, and they began to walk towards a strange looking structure, which looked like some building structure, which had been mixed with plants and mushrooms.

“Michelle, we are the elves, you know of us in your story books, but not like this, this is how we live now, most of us live away from Earth, I will walk you to the entrance of the Garden Palace.”.

The name of the place they were going to sounded safe, thought Michelle, as they were walking Michelle saw other elves, many with different colours of skin and hair and some with different patterns on there skins, all of them appeared naked. They stared at her and she stared back, amazed that such things exist. She saw elves talking with others, some working and talking, a lot singing, and a few kissing, hugging and being more intimate, often groaning and laughing. Michelle was shocked to see the elves engaged in sexual acts with each other, swapping partners etc…

“Dreamweaver, are you all like this? We just don’t see this on earth…”
“Yes we love each other a lot, and a lot of times we share our love between each other
in the form of sexual contact, its part of our culture, we have changed drastically in the past few thousand earth years…”

“I see no men here, why? ..there are some elves but only two I have seen out of all of
them who have male reproductive organs as well as female ..” “Michelle, I have to leave you hear, Zanaria will explain that all to you, just follow this borg, she will lead you to Zanaria, don’t worry she wont bite…unless you try to hurt her, I have to meet Zana, a friend of mine who is inside that big flower over there” Kaimel-vaira(Dreamweaver) pointed,” See you another time, and you will get
used to us quickly “ Dreamweaver gave Michelle a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek and a smile, and walked into the water and started to swim to the large land mass where that flower is sticking out of the huge forest in the distance.

Michelle stood in front of the entrance to what is called the Garden Palace, the borg elf stared at her, not smiling, it scared her, looked like someone combined the creature from Aliens movie and Terminator blended in of those pale skinned elves that never left the shade.

“Michelle, come this way, please don’t step on the elves on the floor” The borg pointed hand facing upright to her as if dishing out menu at a restaurant, and the other hand towards the entrance..
Inside it was slightly cooler, and the floor was ankle deep in water, and was rather slippery with algae growing on what felt soft, like as if the floor was made of flesh…

There were flowers everywhere and the scent was beautiful, and the roof constantly dripped from water and nectar from the flowers. The borg followed her, and just spoke “left” “right” as she walked, it kept a distance behind her which made her feel safe since the sight of it scared her a little. There were elves everywhere in this place, a lot were lounging in the cool wet floor, and no work seemed to be done here. It was fascinating, so many different types of elves, some had tails and head tails like twileks from star wars.


As Michelle passed, on her right was a room full of machinery, holograms and the elves seemed to be working in there; two borg elves guarding the room closed the doors. There seemed to be no children elves around here, however Michelle did see two young elves climbing large mushrooms on the way to the Palace. Michelle then entered an area where it was very full of elves, all over the place, the
whole floor, walls and roof had elves, in between the flowers and plants as well, some sleeping, a lot were sitting, lying and talking or engaging in sexual contact. Some were in small pools near the pillars of this section covered in green messy substances, laughing, touching each other, kissing and rubbing each others bodies together and some being more intimate. At the end of the area was two metal machine like pillars with two borg elves, and a large chair in the centre which seemed to move with the
movements of the two elves which were seated on it, the borg behind Michelle said,
“Straight ahead, see you later…”

Michelle moved towards the figure sitting on the chair, it smiled at her warmly, and poke..
“Michelle welcome to our world of Aquarius, please come here.”

The borgs at the metal pillars pointed towards the seated figure on which now appeared like a throne, one had opened up its forehead, which revealed a third eye. There were elves lying and moving around the throne on the ground, most of them stopped what they were doing and looked at Michelle, Others carried on there own business , the ones that were intimate with each other. One elf did not look at her friendly, it had olive skin, with complex skin patterns and long black hair.

“Greetings, Michelle, I am Zanaria the Queen of the elves, I am grateful to meet you,
I am very sorry what happened." Spoke Zanaria.

Michelle stood near the throne, and said
“No I am sorry, I intrude, but I had problems” “You should not have fired at us, we meant you no harm, we were trying to slow you down so you would not fall into the porthole and end up on our planet, but I am sorry you cannot return to earth, its forbidden.”.

“I am sorry its an accident, you mean I cannot come home?” “No, because we don’t want to reveal ourselves to your violent race, and its against our policy to tamper with your memory, after we had problems with an unknown mishap in our society where some of us made an elf into a human to provide information of your world, it caused more problems, she is now recovering from the
therapy of the Flower Of Life, you have been given the opportunity to live with us and become an elf, or to live on Avalon , one of our habitable moons, with a climate close to Earth’s where other humans live and work with a few of my elves.


If you refuse of one of each you will be taken to the Elvin underworld where the inhabitants
will deal with you there or become spare parts for my borgs, its your choice…”
“But Zanaria, I am sorry it was an accident”..
“Michelle, please listen, did you not know you injured one of my elves on that transport ship when you fired? She almost died, we elves are almost immortal, and it would be murder if she did not recover, she is at one of our hospitals, all charges will be dropped if you comply with one of my choices I give you.”

“Zanaria what happened to the air craft I was in?”
“Michelle, why you concerned about that? Well first of all I congratulate you the first human being to travel faster than the speed of light, and I am sorry you cannot boast to your people, since you fell in our technology which pulled you to warp speed 2 to our planet, causing distraction and scared our small inhabitants, the fairies, there were 1000 cases of fairy heart attacks when they saw your arrival, they are in fact killed on site buy your people if seen on Earth, You cannot take fairy memories away, since they young inherit memories of there parents.

You have caused harm here already, and I am giving you the opportunity to fix up the harm you created, you understand?
Your air craft, has been sent to Earth, and will be found later under the ocean with all the Bermuda triangle disappearance vehicles, the humans who disappeared are living on Avalon, and quite happily, some who felt alienated from being human, underwent physical changes into elves and joined us to live on Aquarius, or one of our 13 colony planets.

“O.k, Zanaria, so how do I choose what I want?”
“Michelle, easy, if you want to live with us, you have to be like us, you have to get accustomed to our culture, all you have to do is forget and forgive, and come to me, here and I will introduce to you our Elvin greeting, which is the touching of our hands, then hugging, and then the touching of our skins, the rubbing of noses, and long , what you humans call a “French kiss”, then once you have done that you are queen for the day, and you get to sit here and give orders.. “ smiled Zanaria warningly and
giggled…maybe a week if you do pretty well…

Or you come hair, and have our formal greeting which shows love but firmness, you have just done with Dreamweaver, and you will be beamed to Avalon, and live with the humans there. The choice is yours…take your time, sit down on that large toad stool over there if you wish to think things out…”.

Before Zanaria could finish her sentence Michelle walked, she did love the elves, since they were warm and very friendly, she was so lonely in her life on Earth, and her job was a job, and she did not receive the loving touch from her fellow humans…and all she knew was war... And could not bear to be alone even on a different planet and receive no love…she decided with choice number one… “Zanaria
I choose choice number one, I want Aquarius to be my home, and I want to be part of your people… she cried and ran up to Zanaria…

Zanaria stood up, while she stood up, the green twi-elf (Noodles) mumbled, and battled to release her tail around Zanaria’s leg which had become numb after been wrapped around Zanaria’s leg for an hour. Zanaria embraced Michelle, and gave her a hug, the two cried and tears ran down, then Zanaria sniffed and sighed, well if you want to be like us, let me take this human thing off you, Zanaria unzipped the suit of Michelle., Michelle giggled, and felt relieved that she felt cool, and free, and naked and the affection she felt as Zanaria gently touched her skin and all over.


The two started off with the informal cultural elf greeting and in fact ended up being intimate with each other , other elves got excited and joined in to express there love and feelings towards Michelle, and welcomed her with there intimate behaviour…


The elf that was unhappy got up and walked away and said…to one of the borgs “All is well, but there is something in her head, put by the humans she worked for I don’t trust”..

“Don’t worry we will sort it out later… “ said the borg… who joined in the welcoming session with Zanaria… The other elf sighed “Well don’t bite my head off, if she changes for the worst few days time, I did not say I did not warn you, please tell Zanaria, so we can sort it out soon, what if Michelle, works with us, flies over Earth, and they pick her up from that thing in her head’s signal? “ and walked out to go and have a swim in the calm ocean.




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