Intimate Love




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This digital art done to be used as a reference for a painting in oils, which is now complete:


 Basically its the love expressed in sensuality between two beings, entities, human beings, regardless on that they have hair, scales and rainbow skin colour. Much people need to realize that issues of race and how different people look, should not give them the right to discriminate them. How can one welcome the extraterrestrials, Elohim, star people if they are so stupendously narrow minded and racist from the brainwashing of David Ike's reptilian Agenda , to the negative outlook imposed on extraterrestrials as being bad people wanting to invade earth and exploit its resources and express a holocaust and war on the indigenous peoples of Earth. I have expressed my self time in and time again with the work, love from the stars and even my own voice...



and it never gets heard through stupid murmers of fear mongering idiocy imposed onto people by the media... where and when they think of extra terrestrials they only think of abductions, invasions , cow mutilation and anal probing which all of it is utter bullshit. This bullshit has been enforced by the ruling authorities of this planet who are causing the mass suicide of this planet's indigenous population and not only that raping their mother, the planet itself from its own resources, with their false laws and artificial laws to control people rather than prevent chaos. For true law exists and comes from consciousness, the source of consciousness within where all sentient beings, human beings , that is beings with consciousness... people have been separated from their source... their consciousness.. and the source is not god, but oursElves.


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