Laura and Jessica in Love




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Gift art for Laura and Jessica embracing the moment of time with them in love in tender embrace.


LaurJess = (Laura + Jessica)
They are the main characters and are portraits of real people, done in Poser. The background was done in terregen.starrynight.

Laura and Jessica/Starry Night

It was a warm summer night
A dream i had, in midsummer's night
I dreamed of the two lovers in embrace
A magical experience of love

I don't know whether to be sad
I don't know if I should be happy
The two lovers have excluded me
They have excluded the elves

They have settled far on another world
A gothic world of two bright moons
One bright white and one yellow.
Fairies accompany them

They sing, giggle and play
They dance to the flowing Aurora
They dance to the bathing elves
They dance and play for
My beloved Laura and Jessica.



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