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A remarkable piece of the elves going on a journey away from home in their organic/mechanical/inorganic space crafts...


Zanaria the Queen of the elves (pony tailed elf), Zana Zanaria's companion and major lover, and a large number of elves have made the plan, and that is to assign a new Queen on Aquarius while the real Queen leaves and leave to stop the Darkness from taking over the whole galaxy. There first stop will be over Oberon, a colony war planet of the Demonoids, which is a dessert remote planet, which once was a lush living planet, like Earth, the species of the planet were a reptilian race which joined up with elves many years ago which produced the snake elves. Oberon is the closest Dark planet to Earth since the elves know the Galactic Dark empire has its eyes and plans for earth, enslaving humans to there will and carry on the Quest of The Empire under the rule of the Greys, and there mission is almost complete, look at the political status of Earth for example. The Demonoids appeared as human form on Earth few hundred years ago and developed the religion of Islam and Roman Catholism (Christianity) for mind domination and control , to push the Elves, elflings, Humans and Faeries off the planet so normal humans became dominant under the hidden rule of the Dark Lord.
The Dark Lord assigned the human authority ranks as follows:
The Iluminati (the head of the planet under Dark rule)
The Jesuit Priests
Under the Jesuit priests are the Free Masons (used to be known as Dark Knights to elves/and fae forms/ under puppet name Knights Templar, and the. The Jesuit Priests rule Pope, and the Dominating religion concepts of mind control, which would prevent humans of performing magic (humans learning psychic skills or using the Force (Star Wars term), so they are defenceless.
They also prevent love and over friendliness and sex immoral. Sex is a major part in elvin culture, its how most show love and compassion towards each other, and it also develops a strong connection between them. Humans categorize all sex as bad, and only should be used for making babies. Elves on the other hand, use it more for reasons of showing love and making friendships and bonds between each other stronger its part of there culture, and meeting other elves and also interfacing with computer systems.
However elves disapprove forced sex such as rape... since it’s a crime as well, it has to be decided between the elves. But elves never do this, it often comes naturally.
Humans have a tendency especially the male gender do this.

The Free Masons more likely rule over the Political Figures rather than religious figures, they would enforce political, economical and other constraints on people, such as making humans are totally puperized into mind cage, where they are bound by rules other than the rules for ethical reasons. These rules are mixed in-between the ethical rules so they cannot be altered. These are the ones that cause and start many non religious wars etc...And the form of Communism and Democracy (Communism under a blanket) where there is no true Democracy like that of the elves.

They took some old elf wisdoms and perverted into black magic etc, under the arm of the dark Lord and its chain...

The elves have none of these two leading constraints in there world. They learn to believe what they learn, but there are laws, Laws of Light and Love, and they don’t have money... they live to help and love one another.

So the elves first stop is at Oberon, then next destination is Earth, where they will land there huge mother ship in the Pacific Ocean. Few of the elves will scout around to Alliance with the Rebel Greys and the Nordics.. Nordics are a possible race of the Old Elves, where they still exist as two genders, Male and Female. The New Elves are a race where they all or mostly female, There is no true male in the new elves, since the male gene was wiped out during the extinction of Dragons(Dinosaurs) from a meteorite targeted at earth by Dark Lord, when Elves were Earth's Dominant species. The Nordics are a rumour of a few encountered UFO landing sightings on Earth warning humans of the Greys who are under control of the Demonoid's Dark Empire; there are possible Hyperspace or Portal/wormhole routes to the Nordic's home planet.
Races carried from old Elves to New Elves: Light Elves, Tree Elves, Dark Elves, Drow Elves, Vampire Elves, Mermaids, Fairies... etc.

For those who don’t know all elves have a characteristic...
Old Elves: Smooth hairless skins, hair on heads, pointed ears, males and females exist and live as one, and there is no gender difference only when they naked and studied what parts they have. The old Elves are classed as Old Elves since the Elves of New Elf’s Historical records, and Human Tales, they were thought that they were a thing of the past. Males do not look like human males, but appear as female especially in the face, but bodies are on borderline on male and female, and only what they have fully distinguishes them. They were thought to not exist, but a rumour has it they exist and call themselves the Nordics.

New Elves: Smooth hairless skins, hair on heads, pointed ears, females, and false males/she males-human term (Infertile and underproductive) often undergo change into female but still remain infertile, and Hermaphrodites who are rare, and are placed in a high rank such as "Queens" since they can reproduce with fertile females other hermaphrodites and self reproduction exists with them as well. The new Elves have a variety of races, Tailed Elves, Twi’Elves, Snake Elves... Due to there evolution, genetic enhancements and interbreeding with alien species.

The elves are a major contributor to many of the intelligent life on planets, they even created the humans when they left Outer Earth (Known as Mars) and Interbred with a more primitive life form, the Neanderthal.... you get the picture, this proves the result of elf souled/elf like humans which carry the elvin gene from those many years ago... These elf like humans have general characteristics, but vary from individual to individual according to the arrangement of genes, but show a remarkable character/behaviour similarity.

Physical Appearance of elf like humans:
Effeminate, feminine long living, slow aging looking males, this gene not possible to notice in females that carry it, but often noticeable later after the age of 40, females age slower than normal humans, and always appear younger than there age.
Semi- pointed ears in a very few percentage of male and female.. Often they get accused and teased at school, and even from other adults. Very rare phenomenon
Intersexuality/Transsexuality in some cases, results of a second Interbreed from New Elves between human and New Elf.

Behaviour Patterns of elf like humans:
Feminine behaviours in males, males and females love more than ordinary humans,
Enjoy hugging and engage often in friendly almost sexual behaviours which are friendly and occur naturally without them knowing. Very artistic and creative, often in one with Nature and in some Earth cultures they were classed as Shamans/ medicine people/ witch doctors, witches. Musical and follow the heart, they have it built into them to Follow the light, but some choose to follow the Dark and sense it even they know they doing wrong, and switch off the guilt, hence the practice of Dark magic, etc... Dark Side of the Force (star wars term)... whatever. you may call it
Psychic, extra-sensory, than the average human, they are said if in star wars, have the most midichlorians... these are large part of the elvin genes.



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