Mermaid and Elf in Love




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A romantic underwater love scene where a mermaid and an elfy are in love.


We mermaid and elf
in mother ocean's arms of love
Oh wonderfull sweet mermaid
sweeter than the honey
Calmer than the savage seas
Full of beauty and take me
Into your world of everlasting love

Oh beautifull dark elf
Your loveliness i never knew
Your songs are my dream
Your eyes are bright
Well lit with love
The spring of light

Oh sweet mermaid
I love your slippery skin
So soft and smooth against mine
Your love is so warm
Yet your body is so cold
Your love is like the flowing sea
Your love is my seed of life

Oh beautifull dark elf
Your love is a state of mind
which cannot be explained
Cannot be understood
Yet it means so much
Your love is an unchanged path
A path of time and eternity

Oh sweet mermaid
Your love is a gift of eternity
Compassionate, commitment and truthful
Your love is nothing compared
Your love is a rare privilege of life
My branch in the tree of Love
From the seeds of the tree of Life

Oh beautifull dark elf
Your body so beautifull
I love every part of you
Underneath youre a special elf
Your love is like a fresh new light
In the dense darkness of fear
Your love is my obsession

Oh sweet mermaid
Your whisper in my ear
Is like a silent calm song
That penetrates my soal like music
I taste your sweet lips on mine
You give me breath when you kissed
I want to be in your arms until I sleep

Oh beautifull dark elf
Your warm body over my skin
penetrates my soul with love
Compassion and a desire that clings
I must remind you, oh sweet elf
I am your your breath, I am your life
In the loving arms of my mother ocean
I cannot live without you
If i leave you, you will die

Oh sweet mermaid
I kiss you for love
I kiss you for air
I cannot live hear without you
When i am on land my soul dies
Here in water my body
Will die without your kiss

Oh beautiful dark elf
I can live with you on land
But I will die and become dry
When you go away, leave me here
My soul will die without you
I need you to keep me alive
As much as i need water
As much as you need air

Oh sweet mermaid
I understand our love
We cannot live without each other
As much as I need air and you water
We can only live together here
Like this , together in embrace
Kissing for our love
Kissing for my life for air
I cannot live alone.
We are to fragile to be alone



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