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An artwork with many meanings and symbols, as well its a memoriam for Michael Jackson, an Honoury Raelian Guide.


Come and fly with me to Neverland
It’s a planet that floats in space
Full of Love that is heaven sent
Full of Life, full of Science that’s full of Dreams
In a planet full of Fantasy
Come and take my hand and Fly to Neverland

I Come from light years away
And I wont turn around
In my space ship I see all infinity
I have seen future in past
I seen pleasure and pain
In my travels I seen all times in space
I see all the ones voice
I seen all that could be
Some of us are so far away.
So come along with me
Climb on board and you will see.

I am so lonely without Love
You the one I am still dreaming of
I miss You Come and fly with me
For every Eternity,

Neverland, We are coming…..

Come and fly with me to Neverland
Come climb on board my space ship
We will fly through a fractal of stars
Full of Colour, Love, Light and Diversity
To the Planet that’s like Fantasy
Come and take my hand and Fly with me to Neverland

Neverland, We are coming…..


Shalom, from the pattern: Neverland pattern  , I Inverted it to create a Star Of David by having the one set of three triangular points point up and the other point down (also forming a megaton's cube, the result was astonishing, which showed up a set of X chromosomes [link] ..

Btw to add to this I have 47 chromosomes XXY.






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