Orbital Orientation




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On other websites where this 3D digital art is being hosted, the description is left as "I let the art describe the description." Here on my official website I will describe it in more detail, as there are so many morons on this planet, that do more than call me names and toss rejection at me with their superstitions or political indoctrination be more important than the truth.




It is two rainbow elves, yes the series still seems to be going. Here two rainbow elves are in orbit around a planet, and part of the ship has gravity and other parts there is zero gravity. There are three of their pet cats walking about and very much part of the ecosystem on board of the ship. These rainbow space elves who are hermaphrodite (an intersexed people) are performing a sensual meditation of establishing and representing one's self with Infinity symbolically with the symbol of infinity.



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As Above, So Below, Everything Cyclic.






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