Quantum Entanglement




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Abstract Fractal digital depicting Quantum Entanglement in relation with the symbol of Infinity geometry.


The sixth platonic solid (light) is most responsible for quantum entanglement.



Theory put into action here http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/08/100804133358.htm :heart: :joy: :dance: :strip:

The Six Platonic solids.
This planet only knows about 5, but have only touched the sixth in a sense where they lack the sense to sense it/
This one is the revised version of Zana's Star everybody's star which is based on the basis of sacred geometry, metatron's cube, the Raelian Symbol which are different versions of the SYMBOL OF INFINITY, the blueprint or geometric law of the universe and beyond.

Relativity states that time exceeds no further than the speed of light, since time is fixed, however space extends beyond 3 dimensions, and in the fith fractal dimension of space is where everything is connected for example, here is a video to see::
This connection is traveled in the fith dimension of space.
An example to see 6 dimensions of space to give you an idea.
the sixth dimension of space is the second time that holda 5d fractal space, like 4D holds this 3D space we are living in.

You may be argue with me that light is part of "Universe" or "plasma" it isnt, its photon particles which is not plasma nor electromagnetic particles, but however it is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but behaves differently as in the example when photosynthesis is analysed or when you see this experiment:


light acts as in particles and waves, and has mass, and attracted or repelled by gravity, but not by electro magnetic fields, because of this this is why it is not part of the fith platonic solid but the sixth.
Plasma is not light but only emits light particles from it, its a very unstable form of matter, and tries to stabilize by either emitting particles or cooling, releasing energy to a lower phase. To keep plasma constant it would constantly need energy and the sixth platonic solid or Universe particles (electro-magnetic and other universe charged particle radiation).

Light is the key factor or the easiest, to cut through quantum space in 5D space to get from one end of the universe/galaxy to the other. Teleportation-space travel.
Tesla managed to do this with focusing on the fith platonic solid. Each form of matter can change in one of these six phases, because everything is one and is energy.

I had previously explained the idea artistically here:
The Dani Zana Code (In Drawings)


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