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Artwork based on a friend model, called Shawna.


his is my first poster sized image I ever done its about 960KBs in size !! way bigger

than a wall paper ((giggles)) The female model in the image is not a poser render as it

would be too large for the shit demo i have . The back ground I used Pov Ray  and

took the whole night to render, I used there template and reversed it and added extra

tit bits to it such as that mountain range in the background. The pyramids and the

bubbles on the walls was made using Assymetrix 3D fx as i made the 2D scene into a 3D scene using it A. 3Dfx ( my computer crashed 3 times when trying to do this)

so i could add the finer details. The woman again I say is not a poser model , in fact

was a human . her name is Shawna , so I called and named the elf character after her as

i used her stock phot which was requested by them for me to make. There deviant page is

 The welcomely asked me to make Shawna into an elf for them !!  but i

wanted it to be not like the poser wall papers i have been doing but something more

special A BIG POSTER SERIES !!!!
This is the first time i have done a poster series. I edited Shawna very much the same

way I did with the poser models but because it was a huge stock photo I went into more

detail of the Dark Elve's Organism which lives on there bodies its supposed to amplify
there psychic powers , sexuality etc etc blah blah blah . I had to construct a new 3D Elf ear which i pasted onto Shawna with Paint Shop Pro 5 cracked edition.

About The Character:
Shawna is part of the Dark Elf race, but she remains on the planet when most of the elves have left the planet to destroy the Dark Lord. She is a model and a symbol of the Dark elves. She is incredibly psychic and knows every progress on the Dark Elves. The Dark Lord wants to capture this elf and wants to add her to the singularity machines to foretell the future. But because she is tremendously powerful its difficult to do so. She regularly stretches her psychic skills daily, and has the ability to teleport without technology and enjoys levitating and flying around the planet. She is considered the princess of the Dark Elves. But she is not part of the royal gene under the queen elf that unfortunately is a sterile hermaphrodite and the last of her gene pool, so the royalty had been passed on to her.
Note: the planet everyone one the planet is treated equal, with no concept of money as there is no much difference between the royalty and the average elf, the royalty and the average elves intermingle and have love and regular passionate sessions with each other (especially the longest at the Elf Flower), thus the royal gene spreads. But certain families of the elves with the most psychic powers are chosen as leaders. There is no concept of money on their planet as every one works under such a thing called love.

Please not again the model was from photos given to me by there request to use :

and there website :[link]



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