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On Atlantis2 the elves study at a university before they leave and explore space.


This huge picture is done especially for Jose and also to many of my fans who enjoy looking at my art.
I do hope you spend a lot of time looking at it to equal the time taken to create this image, it has taken me a month and a half to complete, and will be the last large one, for a while until I complete my exam, I will do renders based on a figure or too, I am also tempted to create the sequel to this image.

First of all the two characters lying on the ground are the main characters, Zana is opn the ground, and Zanaria the queen elf (one with pony lying on top of Zanaria) are looking at a hologram star map. The star map is well i pulled out of the game Star Wars, Knights of the Old republic, and made a poser prop equivalent.
Then you get a happy tailed elf , then two Twi'Elves.... and then a Drow elf holding the one elf's arms who is a swamp elf, who is mischievous and you can see why...Then you have a goth elf hugging and kissing a fused borg elf who is fused to another more one with the machine borg elf...Then you have a computer nerd elf who is half snake elf and half ordinary elf who likes all the computer stuff... she monitors the system.
Then you have fairies...

So what is this image all about anyway...
Not far from the Acadamy of Magic "Atlantis 2" is a sensor station, and this is in the sensor station, where the borg elves are one with the machine, they dont walk freely in real space, but only in cyber space, and as radio waves in radio-space... at the same time, while fixed in a spot in real; space.
Zanaria and Zana are discussing over the star map over the galaxy where they suspect the attack from the badies the Demonoids, the race of the existing Dark Lord" there race are called demonoids since they look like demons", The green Twi-elf well does not take it too seriously, and prods the controls with the rainbow twi-elf's tail, instead of using her finger... Then the tailed elf on the side of Zanaria, is cracking jokes all the time... Then the swamp elf wants to well...and the drow elf is pulling the swamp elf's hand off Zanaria so the Queen can concentrate.
Well there is a lot to look at here...



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