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Captain Tina, the Captain of the Enterprise in the 25th century and blond haired Vulcan Woman, who is having tribble troubles.


Also known as T'ina Captain of the Enterprise.. I say so since "'" these characters are not allowed in deviantart headings for artwork.
This one is for my friend in PE (Port Elizabeth) not Pointed Ears..
She has become a very good and close friend of mine,.. but not too close in personalities, or even distance, however, we are close on the fact we both like science fiction, have good natures in our own ways, and she as well is in the same situation with me, for those who know more about me.This is a portrait of her, using my new methods of enhanced realism, which have improved, i am sorry i am not sharing my new methods to anyone, because you never know i will be getting my bread and butter from them.

T'ina is her vulcan name, she is half human and half vulcan, but more vulcan in physical appearance and way of logical thinking, however, the only thing that is not vulcan on her is obviously the hair... Vulcans have black hair.. and she has blond, this is the only human trait she inherited.

She is captain of the enterprise ship, built version 5,of the 25th centaury which is capable of reaching warp 15 and higher if you strain those engines.
Warp 15 was thought to be impossible, without exploding or slipping back and forth into time, the help of the third warp engine, balances it to a perfect wave length and helps with the other two to reach beyond warp 9.9999...

You have also noted the crew costumes, eh uhm i mean uniforms are different, they are more like rubbery in texture, yet very smooth and flexible, for ultimate comfort and body snugging, they are capable of suit climate control for species other than human, and they are packed with nanites, which perform numerous tasks very much like my elf "organism" but no psychic enhancements, unfortunately. The crew do not need to wear a space suit with these uniforms,they just need to wear a space helmet which tightly interfaces the uniform, the uniforms also help crew members if they are stranded on dessert planets, or on uninhabitable planets etc.. very much like the suits you see on Dune!...
They also have shielding capabilities from hand held phasers..
The badges are embedded into the uniforms, which also tracking devices, communication devices, as well as a personal portable hologram computer...The phasers are writs phasers, which use your index finger as a pistol!!lol
Wow... amazing stuff in the 25th centaury...of star trek!
Well in the picture... we see an old problem re-occurring.. this is the overpopulation of tribbles on the ship...those cute furry things...yup.. with all there improved gear, they still battle to eliminate all the tribbles.. which were brought on board, by a guest, where one escaped into the ship's air filtering system from there containers...
Ah as you notices the lighting of the ship you never seen before in Star trek, aha... simulated sunlight!! it simulates the times of the day.. and artificial lights come into action during the virtual evening..also cloud shadows, leaf forest shadows, are also simulated, also.. the ship automatically detects sun-sensitive crew, and automatically gets less intense for sunlight sensitive crew who get injured from intense light, and brighten more for crew who need more sunlight.. this is perfect for the diversity of extra terrestrial beings on board.



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