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Digital artwork proposed to be used in my next large oil painting, perhaps finalizing the rainbow tailed hermaphrodite series or just an end of a chapter of them. The picture is based on the sculptured statues of the Khajuraho temples in India to which a large part of myself vibrates to in my relationship of my off-earth origins. Admired by Carol Rosin



You can see the pose of the centre figures being similar. It is best I don't elaborate to much about the artwork but let the observer of the piece come up with their own perceptions, and yes it has a built in star-map. I found this artefact interesting as well, in Thailand is this elf like statue... Interesting thing is the deeper in history you go, the border between Hindu and Buddhist cultures meet at one, and the relationship of earth humanity and star people.


Much of this information had been lost from the invasion of Islam, where many books and writings were burned , and which is why I strongly say NO to Islam.






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