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A digital artwork for breast cancer awareness with some possible scientific ideas, based around the tender nature of my sensual elves.


Well I had done it especially for the cause rather than the competition, however, I tried my best to get it submitted on time, completed it two hours before the due time.
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Here in the artwork, an elf has breast cancer, and her friends use technology of holographic nanites which are photonic nanobots vibrating at 528Hz, the frequency of Love, which is in testing and experimentation, and used by biochemists, however what supports it is the formation of snowflakes and there structures in different sounds. The better the sound the better the crystallized flake, the noisy the sound, the more malformed the snow flake , which follow the principles of the structured geometry of the Infinite.

Cancer is a very funny disease, and here on this planet they still trying to find a cure, however prevention is better than cure, however one cannot always prevent themselves from it. Cancer is known to be the degradation of DNA in cells where they do not form new cells like there parent cells but something else which leads to mutations, which can lead to tumours and growths that not of the designed function originally. They loose there programming sequence.

In order to find a cure one would need to understand what it is and what it does and why. DNA is a very complex molecule which clump up to form genes which are the genetic programming code. Cells use this when they replicate themselves my cell division. The weak hydrogen bonds dissemble if received an exterior source. So what are these forces that could cause the bondings to brake and the the DNA sequences to go out of order and syntax ?
Radiation is one of the well known things, chemicals with radioactive isotopes, or toxic chemicals. these exist in pollution in the living environment, as well as in food stuffs such as preservatives, flavouring, and colorants, which also includes smoking as well. However it does not explain if someone who has lived a healthy life style and had not smoked in there lives, stress also causes the degradation of the DNA. The funny thing is smoking is known as a stress reliever, however it does not solve the situation, because of the chemical properties. The way of prevention, is by general meditation, sound meditation, laughing meditation, as well especially sensual meditation. These are techniques which rejuvenates DNA bonding which could be weakened by stress. What causes stress? Stress can be caused in the workplace by frequent schedules and deadlines, as well as emotional abuse, victimisation, as well as any other form of abuse where the person's well being is deteriorated, to the point of ow self esteem. low self esteem, makes it harder for one to go into mediation. However it is also genetic if genes in parents are weak from opposing forces, most likely the zygote to developing child would carry the weakness and pass it on, such as the children who come from parents who lived through atomic bombings of power station explosions), that is if the DNA is weak one is easy prone to cancer even if they live healthy, that the the slightest bit of stress could cause it to flare up
So very well try and preventing it, but these techniques cannot cure it perhaps prevent the spread of it. This known time doctors use chemotherapy , the treatment of radiation, to get rid of the cancer, but the irony of it is isn't cancer caused by radiation? Yes it is which is why chemo therapy only suspends it not cures, it but can cause a relapse and more degradation.
The ways of curing cancer is possibly through DNA repair through sound frequency 528 Hz, I say the best thing would be nanotechnology, where all cancerous traces are removed.
People do need to realize that stress can cause cancer, and please be careful how treat people and don't criticize them into the dirt, it isn't helping there health.


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