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A rather sensual piece that illustrates Infinity and its entanglement in a symbolic fashion within the Elvin Flower Of Life.


This image took 2 weeks to complete after Anglu's picture, but I had to keep the image size a bit smaller because of the amount of stuff is in it. The final render took 28 hours to render, after several test renders, masking renders for final touch ups, and i had so many power failures trying to get this done, it was either lightning or Eskom problems.

The "flower" itself is huge, and this is a small capsule area with in the flower, and inside has little capsules, tunnels. It has seven large bud parts branching out, from one stem, this I constructed in 3D studio. So i took one of the bud things, and one of the six capsule interiors to to my scene. Created the tunnel flower. In my imagination where its in motion, the tentacles wrap around elves, and pull them into different levels (capsules), some ar dark cool , wet and shady with plants (outer capsules), and others are bright, warn and wet inside (the inner capsules) The walls of the capsules cannot be seen since all the elves cover them.

In front the flower is is actually laying eggs , where fairies hatch... yup it was fun and weird... and this happens in the Elvin flower, allot of things which i wont mention, and you don't see them all in this image. The mucanous membranes are colours and light with stars, that represent the stars in the galaxy.

The elves go in the flower in a special ceremony, and connect with each other and the universe and the flower, and as a side line , fairies are created. Some may spend a week in there, others even longer and if they like it so much in they they become part of the flower. But they can reform back into elves if they get tiered after being in here for a few 100 years. Hear they actually grow younger, and it kicks (well slides) them out when they reach a certain backward age such as 18. They actually pop out lat the stem on the outside like the girl in species out of the capsule as an example.
The fairies gather in the centre and fly up and out after hatching. Not all fairies come into being this way, just on this planet some of them do. They only hatch from the eggs when they are adults, so the develop inside the egg.

The plants, vines, hanging algae are also connected inside, with the elves, its like where all living things become in unison via the flower.

Actually this moment of the picture is about this:

here you see :Sensual energy is the primal and creative energy of the universe, its very much part of the elves lives without they die.

True sensuality on the foundation of true love is union between flesh and flesh, between subtle body and subtle body, between consciousness and consciousness in connection with the planet's. Sexual energy in sensuality is sacred energy. When we have restored the sexual experience to the realm of the sacred, the Elvin species will be chaste and divine, holy and healed.

So what's all the idea of this connectivity?? Its a very short scaled down model that depicts sentients and nature in the universe, that everything is connected by invisible strings, and the sexual energy in sensuality, is the whole concept that its the mechanism for the creation of life whether its life en-riching, youth maintaining, to creation of actual life from the start. Things bump into each other, and if they like each other, molecular they form a new compound. on the atomic level, a new element. On the microscopic level, a new organism, on this level, a new tree, animal or sentient being, on the solar system level, a new planet, or moon. On the cluster level, a new star. or a new black hole or even a worm hole from two stars. On the universal level a new galaxy, On the Multiverse level a new Universe. from something beg to something small or something small to something big... life is infinite, above the decimal, and below the decimal...



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