Mer Anglu




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A beautiful digital piece of Twi-elf-mermaids on an unusual oceanic moon with much symbolism and love, compassion and tenderness..


Note take a look at the sky of this image and compare it with it happening in real life in this video

Mermaid Anglu and a freind...
Well These are twi-mermaids i promised for :iconanglu:
These were finnished on Monday 2 weeks ago, and because of my bandwidth that ran out, I could not upload it :-(
Because of the bandwidth, I missed the results of the Witcher contest as well, which i saw on my mobile phone.
I accessed deviantart via my mobile phone once every three to 4 days, to check notes as i was worried about things, i tried to reply comments, but the phone did not work, i did edit my journal, but the phone would crash if i accessed the main text... I will reply the +- 200 comments and +- 160 deviations from tomorrow later... :-( yup i know i missed out on alot of things..
Damb telkom..

Oh about the image, well this one is for anglu, the yellow twi-lek with her buddy :-)

Yup done 3/4's of Heavy Fantasy's elves and tentacles... and there are lots of elves and tenticles, its in the elvin flower... it should be finnished next week some time.. depending on PC... already there are 10 elves n the scene wrapped around the some of the walls of a section of the flower (modeled in 3D studio max)with vines, leaves and tentacles..
Well back to this one one..
Yup the highest res image I ever done !! 5Mbs JpG for Angle, two twi-mermaids were modeled in Poser(V3's and modified V4 tails to fit the V3s, Modified Lekkus(Head tails)), and rendered. Background originally done in teragen, with stock from :iconfantasystock: for some of the mist and clouds (also textured the object i created for the wswirls of clouds ), fractal done in chaoscope ... etc etc...
Sorry i forgot to put a poem to this
yup Enjoy :-) excuse the nudity tag... and enjoy the rainbow scaled fishy tails..



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