Our Love For Jen




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Gift Artwork for a deviantArt gallery moderator who had cancer.


This one is for Jen,

who had been on my mind a lot amongst other things which also gave me the urge of the artwork...

Basically I say before getting all complicated, and the and simply what the artwork says, Get well soon, Live Long and Prosper , Jen, we are here for you
we all on deviantart love you, including myself and freinds here and far beyond the stars, yes and beyond the stars...

We apreciate your existence and well being here on deviantart and the planet as a whole...
You one of the best stock moderators there is.
Thank you for being, get well soon

Yup the fairy I done, and stocks I used was my DNA mish mash fractal stock..[link]
then other fractals...
Then other stockies:
Planets and some starsstars (The best space stock ever on DA)




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