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A portrait of My friend Laura, Myself and Zanaria and other elves in a beautiful warm fun sensual setting.


Shalom all, i am going to post this in most places, as it contains my personal updates, and news... based on following topics.. First I start of that, I just have one assignment left to complete all my work for the year and will be taking a whole week off from studying, and programming, and then start off with 4 hours a day and progress to more hours as i head towards the exams. This gives me a chance to do some more work for DR.Eve, as i will be doing a colour image for her over the weekend in manga/anime style like she insists. But i am still waiting for her to come back to me with the internet access story, but Once i have a high quality colour image of her character, i would be fully waiting on her... and i hope she communicates when she sees it.

I want to thank all of those who provided me with Manga studio, I got 2 copies now, and others may arrive, if any has sent already, please if you still trying to download it for me there is no need, I have got it now, Thank you ((^_^)) those who have already sent , and I recieve it you will still get your part of the deal. The reason why i asked around in parrallel as its quicker than working in series in getting things done, where the plans run simultaniously as some may fail, and some may succeed. Thank you very much for your help, and if you sent a little extra than the manga studio, you will recieve the little extra back + extra ;-) for example, i a copy from Europe, and she sent me the DVD + chocolates.. so she will send the DVD i promised + chocolates + a necklase ;-)
I am just still reading through the manuals, and playing around with the software... but start this evening on actual work. Tomorrow i would have to give a miss, as i go to Durban for C++ and to get more program examples to work through from the lecturer, which i would do after my week of rest from studies, and work on the tutorial on skinning, since i just got tatooing to do, and on my website... have not touched it in ages...I dont think anyone misses it... oh well ...

Well me personaly, life has not been interesting since i was at Cape Town and Gender Dynamix, just the regular everyday nonsence... as you all know, moaning parents, working on studies, doing art etc...

With Gender Dynamix, the lady in charge did manage to see my template for the newsletter:-) and she seems to be happy with it which i am so glad... and I wait from her what she wants to do next with it. those who interested can look up on GDX: [link] it sux i cannot keep up with the discussions on the forums there:-(, as i would love to put in some of my imput there... but still dont have inernet access.

About Dana International, well since i have not been online I dont know whats happening with her, just get small updates from a freind who sends me emails, and we been freinds now for well... let me see about 6-7 years... wow... time just dissapears...
Well I was just wondering if her voice is getting a little deeper because of her age, or i am just hearing things... as i compared her new music with her old, and these are same songs...
Those who are interested in Dana International, my favourite singer who is a TS woman like myself... but she has completed her struggle::www.danainternational.co.il she still looks fabulouse despite her age now. I would apreciate it if someone emails me some information about her... as everytime i go online i have to reactivate some of my email accounts/as they get closed due to inactivity, and when i reactivate them, all emails sent to them get deleted..:-( so i cannot keep up , pls email to me zanaloveselfies @ yahoo . co . uk (remove spaces) also it is nice to chat via emails, even if our communication is one month delayed.

Now this image which i have been doing:: in recent submissions::www.zananeichan.deviantart.com
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Sweet Elvin Times
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Full elf scene ::

You can download them and print seperately for free, or you can purchase the posters/prints off the site....

the wide screen background, can be set nicely for those rich people who have wide screen monitors and hang over there whole bedroom/office wall... well it is nice to look at, as some of you money loaded people worked your asses off to get there... some just rich bastards piggybacked inheritance... and live of the sweat of your parents,lol But it can be viewed for hours...even if its a still image.

The elvin scene is done for all the special people in my heart, those who left, and those who stayed... Those who read this, know who they are... I dont have to mention names... Also to the ones who helped me with Manga Studio, the Dana fans, and all the TS people I met in GDX, and around the world.. including Dana(Sharon).

The main characters are Zana(based on me) and Zanaria They just standing close together... The Poem below is based on them...
The elves on the left, the one on the ground in particular, is based on my freind "Laura" in cape town whoime i spent the last night with, which would use her again with "Kayla" in my next elf image.This is why this image is especialy dedicated to her ;-)
Then on the right is a tailed elf, and a borg elf. Other characters in scene are 4 fairies, and swimming dolphins and Mermaids, in the water in the distance. I hope you enjoy the fantasy journey into the image.....escape the hardships, pain, problems... and enter my world that exists in my imagination, which i regularly escape into.

Sweet Elvin Times
Thunder rolled beneath the rainbow skies.
Adding base, and extacy in the afternoon skies
The sounds of the elvin life are forever filled.
With song and buzzy fluttery fairy-winged things.
There high piched sqweaks and giggles.
The air is always fulled with happy sighs.
That flow from every warm moving elvin pile.
Where shiny wet bodies glisten and hearts always listen.
In the warmness of the setting bright sun glisten.

"Zanria" Zana sighed.. "Is this thy love?"
"To stand by me in this lovely grove?"
"Immured in in the shimmer warm waters?"
"Photosynthisizing up they beloved warm sun?"
"My beloved golden synthesized girl"

"Ah" Zanria smiled "I comest with lover's speed"
"Thy once beloved elf to see thoust feed."
"Thy heart is alive, I long to strive"
"No more tears to fall from thy beloved eye."

"My beauty is but small."
"I may be Queen of the elves."
"I love you all from my tender heart."
"I hunger for all elves to be my part."
"Of mine, thy royal hearts, your royal heart."

Zanaria pulled Zana close
Giggled and grinned as if she took dope.
Plucked out her toungue, squeezed Zana tightly like rope.
Pushed herself into Zana in a daze
The regular elvin greeting way...

Zana giggled while amused and bemused.
"All elves are wild flowers and fair."
"There beauty are unique, nothing to compair."
"Cute shiney nymphs they are."
"They praise thou humble charms."
"Lets join them and splash in the blaze".
"Its going to be another love phase these days"

The two dark elve's hearts collided once again.
There love, happyness and song filled the thick air...
The two dark elve's lips collided once again.
There giggles, laughter and warmth filled the thick air...
The two dark elve's toungues collided once again.
There sighs of love hummed with the music in the thick air...
The two dark elve's bodies collided once again...
There fall splashed water into the thick air and everywhere...
On all the elves laughing and singing in the thick air.

These are the sweet elvin times
Where the air is always warm
Where all the love given is gentle and warm
Where all elves hearts, are forever warm
Where there hearts listen and there bodies glisten.
Where there song is always beautifull when you listen.

They love to sing, they love to laugh.
They love to touch, they love to play.
They love to talk, they love to listen
They love to dance, they love to love.
They love to care, they love to share
This is what they treasure and share
These sweet elvin days forever here.

There in the background, you can see the elvin mothership, and its the same landscape as my previous image of the Blue Moon, this is still on the Elvin Colony on the Blue Moon which orbits a gas giant planet like Saturn. The elves are in the bio-structure (biogenetically grown building/plant home) at the end of the little plains Island. the motherShip, is parked in a large lagoon/crater or sea and Its getting charged up by the storm The elves are enjoying there time together, while the storm increases, and the sun sets, producing a rainbow accross the sky.The storm had first been started by a large group of chanting/singing Dark Elves releasing there magic powers into the sky in the form of lightning coming from the bodies.
for more information about the elves and elvin technology and magic please contact me... i dont want to repeat myself again...(only when asked me individualy) ..only if you interested.

Love ya lots and lots
((((hugs)))) and kissies

Shalom Kyela
How are you doing?
I have a lovely artwork here mentioned in the text below

I will try send you one image as an attachment, as Yahoo battles with attachment sending
I miss you lots
Love ya lots



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