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Alien Xenomorph-human sexy hybrid thing, was going to include some face huggers, but just left it as it is. Alien is the type of beings/creatures/characters from the Alien Franchise, they are also called Xenomorphs and nicknamed "Bugs" as in "bug hunt" by military such as the colonial marines, and as serpents by the Predators in Aliens Vs predators probably because they have tails in all metamorphosis life cycles of this science fiction species, especially as the chest burster looks like an emerging snake or worm, but later becomes a Xenomorph .  Inspired doing this while playing Alien Isolation, a recent difficult survival - horror science fiction first person stealth game, where the objective is to dodge the Alien rather than a first person shooter like Colonial Marines or Aliens Vs Predators, and the sequal from Alien as Ripley's daughter, before Aliens(Alien 2, and Colonial Marines, which is a sequal to Alien 3 , where Ripley and Newt (rescued girl) crash land on a prison planet full of men).  In all Alien VS predators PC versions, you get to play as the Xenomorph, AVP 2 is the best because you get to play in the life cycle, from hatched face hugger , chest burster, and mosty a xenomorph into a new Queen. The recent AVP 3 the best character to play is the Predator, and lacks the design and feel from AVP2 in AVP3 as the Xenomorph "Number 6". I also have the android AVP version, which is played in a 3rd person mode, but you don't get to play as a human/marine. Game crashed in Jelly Bean version of Android, but when I updated to Kit-Kat , the game is stable.



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