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Asari are Mass Effect beings.




I just finished playing the Mass Effect Trilogy with all the ME2 and ME3 DLCs, for inspiration on the next couple of art projects particularly the Asari. In order to get a better selection for the end of the Trology, I had to patch the Assets of Galactic Readiness from 50% to 100%, since I did not wish to arse with the multiplayer because it would slow down my progress through the game, and secondly, I would have to rely on a wi-fi connection, regardless if I wanted to play on my laptop in places that had no wi-fi. Then the Android app, which I have, I did not wish for it to interfere with my ME3 , because I only play on my tablet when I am bored, waiting in queues or waiting for a buss or train, and the app has no female character option, I play it just to kill time. Then lastly facebook, wtf, why should I be forced to return to facebook, which I now boycott because of their discrimination against my cosmic culture and art , an its ties with the NSA ? Facebook should not interfere with my ME3 gameplay...I did not wish to deal with this money diseased nonsense, problem solved, downloaded patch.
The gameplay of ME1 was very close to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic without lightsabers and force powers were biotics and light side and dark side as Paragon and Renegade. In ME2 it deviated a little, and ME3 it almost deviated completely from the game-play style, but retaining the "world of Mass Effect".

It was an overall an intricate well developed story through mostly ME1, ME2 and most of ME3, with the ending story script being rushed and given the axe to close the trilogy, for the rollout of a new generation and characters of ME4, which has been said would include the successes of Shepard and her work as a historical reference, where new comers to the world of Mass Effect would not get the visual idea and relate to the events. A lot of real life facts , theories and stories outside had been researched in the construction of the story which I would cover further along in this discussion.

First off the trilogy had a good story line, and you could save and transfer your saves and experiences into the sequels for consistency. I agree with the majority of fans and players out there the end of Mass Effect 3 was a rushed job with a depressing ending in almost all outcomes. Which I feel that there should have been an survival ending that the character you romanced with, you retire and life happily ever after in a secluded solar system, for me it was my femShep and Liara, if "Synthesis" or "Destroy" endings were chosen.

I played through three possible endings ignoring the "Control" option because it supports slavery of conscious synthetic sentient beings which would arrise future conflict and war, which was the Illusive Man's idea, when looking at it logically, thus repeating a whole new cycle of cycles, where shepard were no better than the Leviathan, who created the first Reapers. "Synthesis" and "Refusal" were the most peaceful solutions in the over all end, where lives but your own was not saved in Synthesis, and well almost everyone dies in Refusal, with an ending of an Asari woman that sounded like Samara telling a story to a child, after Liara's Time capsule was shown displaying a holographic interface of historical records, to save all life forms in the next Reaper cycle.

"Synthesis" was poorly concluded, with the symbiotic integration of synthetic and organic life forms, and had added more fictional baggage than a scientific relationship to widen the gap of fiction and non-fiction of real life which was used to add realism to the story. Since I feel it should be co-existence instead, since it is highly impossible and unrealistic with the plants on the planet the Normandy crashed landed on to contain nano tech circuit patterns on them in a split second as the energy pulse smashed through the Mass Relay stargate things. Which appears more like fantasy magic than science fiction. Synthesis was my first ending choice in the game, since I wanted overall peace and coexistence of sentient conscious synthetic life forms such as the Reapers, Geth, EDI and organic sentient conscious life forms such as Humans, Asari, Krogen , Tourin etc. But Shepard dies and cannot live the rest of her/his life in retirement with Liara(or the person you romanced). The death of Shepard is truely uncertain, her/his body was destroyed, but her/his consciousness was transferred through the entire galaxy, which leads to the possibility that Shepard can be re-animated into existence with a different body. Peace had been my objective since ME1, and in ME3 I had managed to make the Quarians and Geth live in harmony and coexistence, where the Geth helped the Quarians boost their immune systems , to live without suits in the future, including the success of saving the Krogan from the genophage.

The second option I chose was "Destroy" which was the objective of the game trilogy, which was the idea or orders of Anderson, the Alliance and the Citadel Council, who was with you since ME1 in story line and was the prime objective(even when you sacrifice the council to save Citadel civilians in ME 1 with Sovereign, with the possibility of a new less secretive council that called "bill shit" with your evidence of the Reapers, which never materialized and secrecy remained . Says who would the cycle repeat itself again when you united Quarians and Geth and respected EDI as a friend and companion in your squad as long as you lived and changed career as a council representative of the future with Liara ? A pity they were killed not by you, but by the catalyst , providing you with limited options, where your goal was to save the galaxy , organics and synthetic sentient beings, and hoped to find an option to reason with the Reapers like you managed with the Geth. ME3 had saving Earth in mind and not the Galaxy, like ME1 and ME2 as emphasixed in its game advertizing. Shepard survived, and if died could be re-cloned back to life again. The evidence in the short ending, is when Liara or your romanced character did not place your name on the board with the names of the dead with the people that died through the entire trilogy. Liara would have intel how to re-clone Shepard back to life, since she was the new Shadow Broker. I was not happy with this ending because EDI and the Geth were eliminated with the Reapers, where the offcial target was the Geth, and Shepard's objective was to most likely make peace with the Reapers, and the Geth would help as well, even when the possibility of Liara and Shepard would live together.

Then the third option was "Refusal" by dialogue (since some people shot the child hologram to get this option), because I had a better solution than the three which were programmed or provided by the crucible. That is was the cycle to end, the Reapers to leave the organics alone, and that nothing gets lost and that I could retire and live with Liara. The options was not enough and why should a Reaper consciousness decide the fate of the galaxy and my own Shapard's fate when I have better solutions such as "Co-existence" ? If i successfully managed peace with the Geth, it should not be to hard for the Reapers (aka the old machines). But the catalyst would not allow it, and said "So Be It" with the voice changing from a child's to one that sounded like Sovereign , a Reaper , and threw a tantrum like a big baby , enforcing the extermination of life and repeating a new cycle, which ended with Liara's time capsule and the end with an Asari woman which sounded like Samara the Justicar talking to a child, which I think is Samara, since an Asari can live for a 1000 years or more. It would be silly to to say its Liara using the voice of Samara. If this is so, then this ending was rushed and poorly thought out too.

Basically the catalyst was Reaper code constructed within the Citadal, and wanted things to end on their terms and not have an ear for an even better solution regardless on what you have achieved and what you can achieve to make peace with the Reapers, since you even made friends with the Leviathan, the creators of the Reapers. The Reapers, think they are wise and godlike and have high-egos and think they are indestructible, throw out demands rather than listening first, and discussing a better solution, they dish out solutions on a plate and you have to choose regardless if you have even a better solution. Thus the crucible's catalyst Reaper-mind consciousness was narrow minded and analy retentive, and should have experienced life in the galaxy and not be stuck within the computer systems of the Citadel, where the council was not fully open and transparent to the people of the galaxy.

So what are the real life associations or ideas that got thrown into this game to add to its realism to insight game-play ? Yes it is more realistic than Star Wars, because Star Wars storyline exists in a galaxy far far away. This storyline is based on this galaxy we all live in, the Milkyway galaxy as it is called on this planet with real-life locations and star systems, such as the Horse Head Nebula, Arcturus and so on. real photos of the nebula and star clusters had been used, together with the Drake Equation, results at the time from the Kepler exoplanet discovery results and so on. The develpers went out their way to retrieve secretive data which is partially true, some partially false and some uncertain from UFO/Extraterrestrial historical records through the ages before the Russian revolution and some of these can be found in book "Alien races secret russian book". Amazing how in depth research the game desiners went to make the science fiction as realistic as possible, and all of this basically went down the toilet in the ME3 endings lol. I also presume they may have searched other places on the internet within the alternative media around Ufology websites, Starseed websites,Raelian websites, and alternative spirituality websites when designing the extraterrestrial people, cultures, worlds and characters since information was closer to home to Bioware as its based in Canada.

So you may be wondering does the possibility of blue skinned monogendered Asari beings exist ? Well since its a science fiction story and includes a lot of researched facts and theories they were pretty close to reality. The Asari home planet is situated in the Athena Nebula(fictional name of the M20 Trifid Nebula) which is located on the Sagittarian arm of the Milky way galaxy if one had to travel to through the Pleiades near Asterope in a direct line to M20 (if looking at milky-way galaxy from above) , where the WOW signal originated from, which in fact mimics the human genome in sequence patterns, and many of Hindu Vedic mythology shows symbols for the Nebula containing the planet well moon of Krishina(very similar to solar system shown in the movie Avatar which is Binary) and all the blue skinned deities. However the fictional Thessia is not a moon, in a single star solar system Parnitha but has an inhabitable moon and two other moons. 3 moons to be precise.

Then monogendered beings, well the Asrari reproduce sexually and "technically" not female, and can mate with males and females from any extraterrestrial ethnicity and have successful reproduction without genetic engineering. This is not far fetched, since hermaphrodite people and animals do exist on this planet. Most commonly known are snales and slugs aka mollusks which may include octopuses. The game developers reflect the Asari as mollusc-like invertebrates adopting their hermaphrodite characteristics and other physical attributes such as their skins. In ME3 you can see their skin texture of that similar to large snails. They also have head tentacles, that decorate their heads, as in the romance scene of ME3 " "I don't want any tentacle creature inside your head...except me" :- Liara. "Asari :- Venerupis philippinarum (Asari - Japanese Name ) is a mollusk and some of them have blue shells with vague patterns with similar to the skin patterns on Mass Effects Asari people.

So there is this zoological reference of snails for the character design combined with the ancient astronaut theory of Hari Krishna.

Then the culture of the Asari very much similar to another real extraterrestrial people, who live in a binary star system on a planet with three moons and are all hermaphrodite.

Then Tali , the Quarians, unmasked would reveal the face to the extraterrestrial characters I have drawn, large oval eyes , pointed eyebrows, mostly dark hair have been witnessed by a variety of people, who most of the time wear a force field helmet (aka mass effect field) Since Earth's air is a bit toxic to them. Some people have called them grey-human hybrids and some people refer to them, which is the most realistic fact that they are the creators or designers of Earth people, which has a weird da ja vu feeling in the storyline, of the Quarians creating the Geth and the Geth go against their creators, vaguely similar to real life.

Resurrection by cloning and the question of cloning, aka the Lazarus Project, and brings out the fact that organic beings are organic machines no different from synthetic machines and robots who have consciousness and are self aware. and causes the debate or idea on what is the consciousness what people on this planet tend to refer to as the "soul", which is also part of the story line of the movie "Avatar". Tree of Souls which is explained by Grace as "The Navi upload their consciousness into trees, and these trees are like a network"

As you know in ME2 , Shepard had been resurrected by retrieving small cell samples, and her/his consciousness retained thanks to wearing a helmet and , thanks to Liara's persistence and reasoning when asking Cerberus to achieve the task. This is possible and has been partially achieved in secret by private research groups and top secret agencies in the industrial military complex , who have been experimenting with avatar soldiers. A clone who has not had their consciousness saved and transferred from original body to cloned body, will not be exactly the same person, since what they learned and experienced in life would be lost. This is expressed when Shepard meets his/her clone who tries to steal the Normandy and seems to lack all the knowledge of Shepard even from ME1, and seems to be hurting and upset, that the Shepard copy wishes to be like the original Shepard when she/he refuses help and forgiveness. Would have been nice to have two Shepards on board the Normandy.. In reality if this technology was given to the people, it would make people extend their lives or live forever, however this would be restricted to the wealthy vs those who live in poverty, creating a further social divide of society between the rich and the poor as long as money exists.

Then Biotics, well the realism of this is would be achieved by nanotechnology, but with nano-technology manipulating mass effect fields which manipulate space-time is largely science fiction, but more realistic than Star Wars, using the force. Because telekinesis is very weak , even in strong cases where people's electromagnetic fields can interfere with appliances, these are enhanced by technology such as using thought to operate computers or robotic arms. Biotics is basically a science fiction improvement of this idea.

Then the base idea of Mass Effect, its name and game play based on where most of the technology used by the inhabitants of the galaxy in this science fiction well is explained in a video actually...


… by World-famous physicist Michio Kaku, which saves me a few lines of text however much of it is inaccurate to reality, since the extraterrestrials that explore don't exploit resources and have evolved out of their destructiveness... and people still focusing on the "higgs" boson, the photon has many more "spooky" surprises and part of our everyday life. , which I feel could be better called the graviton , and when you go beyond the boson, it is made out of an array of infinite smaller things , which would meet with a pattern that represents something that exists in the larger part of existence, like a fractal, universes are parts of the fractal of infinity.

Gone off to do the Artwork... not to sure to livestream or not , well I just feel like taking it easy on it, and simply enjoy the serenity of drawing and painting.

The extraterrestrials do wish to help in fixing up the planet and , but getting help from them requires a lot of understanding , and almost impossible because for the society of this planet has far to many borders, boundaries , segregation and methods of discrimination, that even people who are unique and different get rejected from society by race, gender, and other aspects, how would the society of this planet interact as a whole with extraterrestrial people ?




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