Binary Elves




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I had started this before going on holiday and worked a bit on it on the plane, flying over Africa(Kama) on the iPad with medibang paint, and finished it off while on holiday, as I took my macbook, and cintique with me, in Manga Studio, photoshop and paintshop pro on bootcamp/virtual machine, in South Africa.


In the image I used and applied the Fibonacci sequence. They are having having an intimate moment of a shape-shifting barge that can transform into a spaceship, while the sun is rising.


I made a request for a suggestion on social media Twitter and Google+ (not on facebook), no one responded except for one of my friends on G+, and their choice is not bad for the title of the image in relation to the embedded mathematics and geometries. He chose "Binary Elves", as in relation to Binary Stars.


Other people on twitter who pointlessly follow me and later unfollow me hardly respond to the shit I post, except at the same time a CIA sock puppet when being upset about Julian Assange's account being hijaked and become a pro-Trump propaganda machine, denying my accusations against the CIA and claiming it to be Hillary, when in fact she and Trump are two different sides of the same coin.


Anyways, thank you Michel Barrette for the title.

Here on my website I have google-searched concepts, which you can find in the image.








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