Dr Eve with Pointed Ears




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Dr Eve with pointed Ears

I kept my promise that i would do her with pointed ears, i do hope you would find her cute
Though you may not like the ears,lol...
Me well i am just upset, so i decided to send this sooner than the 4th of August, to clear my head.
I also add some points to correct myself, and yourself on certain things, so we understand each other clearly, since we did not chat much to get to know each other better because it was hard to communicate with you, and afraid at the same time of being a nuisance.
The elf with the purple hair is "me" Zana Nei Chan... the dark elf... The one with the blue hair, is Dr. Eve with elf ears :-/ hmmm lol  ehehehehehe...dont worry, this is the first and last of Dr Eve with pointed ears... just one image like I promised.

First of all with this image, i want to show proof that i can do the work fast despite internet connectivity problems, i did this image on Friday night, and Saturday morning i added the comic strips, but could not send it, and being the 4th of August would give you the wrong impression of myself and you would presume I am slow, so this is what i wanted to clear it out of my head. The R10 I used to upload this on monday, i begged,stole or borrowed, one of the three, because i could not sleep, and wanted to get this sent and off my head. No i wont stop my creativity

Secondly i would like you to understand, that being professional, does not mean to have internet connectivity etc, i worked on this professionally, and under what resources I had, I did my best, i was hoping you would provide the internet part, like you said, but you may have been wondering if I would play my part, and yes, I would have, to the best I can, as its priority use would have been for you and the work I do for you... leftover bandwidth would have been firstly for GDX, and friends, then my personal art, and studies, and then research, to keep my knowledge base updated. I went out of my way, as i knew this would have helped me complete my goals and put me out there... but it was not to be, and i did not want this day to arrive, that's why i did many plans and stuff. Out of this i got a good package of software to do manga art well, as you can see in this latest image...

Long story short... sux i had no Internet and i don't live in Cape Town, and thanks for wanting me t do some work for you, as I really enjoyed doing what i had done, and would have really had more fun...and was also hoping that it would help me move 1 step up in being a prettier, more calm inside woman.
I do wish you well, thanks again  Please help spread the word about me and my creativity, and I will do the same for you...and i accept your apology, as other people who gave me job offers, never apologised.. which shows me you a kind person

I had to get these words said and the image uploaded, so my mind will be more at peace, and yours too
I don't know what to do, as I had high hopes in this, and its what i loved, and could do this type of work forever... I will call you after my exams, and when I am in Cape Town, if you wish to continue this work later on with me, and don't worry, her ears are replicable... Please also let me know of people who want me to work for, as I am a woman of my word, that believes in fairness, equalness, love, compassion, and I guess you know that already  and you seen the proof.

Keep well,
Lotsa love and hugs



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