ET with Cat by ISS




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A digital painting of an extraterrestrial relaxing with her cat inside her spacecraft while in orbit near the International Space Station. I got inspired to do this peace by the increase in UFO/ET spacecraft that had been visiting the International Space Station.


Which inspired me with this odd dream :
Had an awesome dream , where I had been invited to go up to the ISS, and assist for the first contact of Earth people and extraterrestrials, because no one wanted to build an extraterrestrial embassy on Earth or make way for an open landing space (politically free) for the extraterrestrials. They decided to use the International Space Station , because it was the most neutral place that belonged to the Earth, where scientists from all over the planet work and live together... and focus on science instead of politics, since the Earth had started to war a lot with each other, and countries were divided by walls and tall fences. The event was called "The last hope". It felt like a movie...






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