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Eggs Terminate

A play on the word exterminate in which Daleks use before attempting to destroy a target. Daleks are villains on Dr. Who TV series. Here you see a Dalek exterminating eggs of my own custom xenomorphic Alien hybrid, which looks more humanoid in appearance.. It is a loose cross over of Dr. Who and Alien, where my Alien is my own custom version of it. The Japanese text indicates that the Alien is pissed that her eggs are being eggsterminated. Its the default commic sttrip text that is in the Manga Studio side panel library.


I intended to do this bit of digital art for fun, hope it would cheer me up , get possible fans or freinds and as well as positive feedback for motivation on new work. This work had been done for satire, humour and social media interaction.  I stalled and completed this work slowly since I have a lot on my mind in regards feeling like I have been abandoned by the gender treatment services, and the delaying with with further excuses in delaying my operation which has made life on this planet feel like everyday I am just scraping through not knowing that I would have a future, and the rest of my life is going to be a lot of pain and suffering. I posted the blog here:


Seriously, I am tired of the social things memes etc, and just going to continue on my sensual based work. Its what I enjoy most, and it is what helps me escape people and the attitudes of people in general. That works, this attempt has failed.

Even on devinatart at this present time, not even one favorite just proves that this idea of work is a failure, back to drawing nudes, sensual stuff... to escape from things.. else I am going to think about killing myself.




Below is a 10 hour video of Daleks saying "exterminate" which sounds like "Eggs-Terminate", in most of the clips within this 10 hour clip, I found on Youtube.





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