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  This extraterrestrial says she is busy with the "exploration of humanity continuous for planetary advance"

An attempt to combine 2D with 3D art. Character & Cat drawn from scratch in Manga Studio/SuitTextures in Photoshop&CorelPhotoPaint, UFO created in Z Brush, Buildings created in 3Ds all imported into Vue. Reason to do background with 3D software was to speed up the work (Been having a lot of IRL shit happening to me, where my mental health has deteriorated), and improve accuracy. Background was pre-sceteched, and close to actual sketch.

There are Easter-eggs in the work.


Since this image is now posted on my website, I will show you some of these Easter eggs. I though I would include all these events as Easter eggs relating to the art  to reduce arguing about the subject of successive events in history due to the massive amount of uncertainty the stupid authorities of humanity have created to keep people ignorant and in the dark, that are all the same type of extraterrestrial and with similar spacecraft design.


My Cat Nariahn, was used as a reference for this lady extraterrestrial's cat.



The extraterrestrial was seen at the "Fatima Event"

A mass sighting occurred, as one could almost say it was almost the first "First Contact" event in Earth's early modern history after WW2 that had been hushed up , silenced and converted into a superstitious perception of it being the "Virgin Mary" by the Catholic Church, one of the resent reasons of the resignations of the recent popes. The extraterrestrial is defined to wear a skin tight suit, and carry a computer spherical device.


The book can be obtained/researched here:




The "Ariel School Phenomena"

Where ETs came and was seen by an entire school in Zimbabwe in 1994, a lot of misinformation has been pumped into the story, including the witnesses themselves. Some received a telepathic simulation of the possible end of the planet Earth, if things don't change for the better if war and pollution doesn't end. I studied the children's art of the event, as they get a more accurate representation, even though there were different perceptions on how they viewed the spacecraft and the extraterrestrial astronauts/cosmonauts, I gathered up the similarities and how it correlates to the realities of my experiences, and connection with others.



The "Rendlesham  Forest Incident"

Where undisclosed nukes during the Cold War at the end of 1980 over the Christmas holidays were kept in the UK, scanned and disabled by the Extraterrestrials, and one person who mistakenly believes the extraterrestrials were Earth time travelers instead of extraterrestrials, received a binary message "Exploration of humanity consciousness for planetary advance"

which is a sophisticated way of saying "we are busy baby-sitting our children to grow up as a responsible, supra-conscious humanity". A lot of misinformation had also been pumped into this event, in including different perceptions of the spacecraft, which was difficult to make out with it being active at the time, due to the plasma and light emitted from the space craft remaining in it's warp-bubble, distorting and refracting light.


The dystopian, disgusting, awful and sad happening of the "Roswell Crash"


When a group of extraterrestrial scientists were doing research in studying the development of nuclear weapons “Project Mogul” in the region and came to investigate and with the technology taken from the inventor Nikola Tesla, they managed to disrupt the ET space craft, causing it to crash. 3 of the people on board died in the crash but survived death by transferring consciousness out during the crash, but one survived. The town of Roswell underwent extreme military take over where Martial Law was imposed, and families were threatened with death if they did not comply. The remains of craft and bodies were scavenged and became used in black military projects by the pentagon, air force and CIA which lead up to the TR-3B, the TR6 Telos which were the Phoenix lights, and milabs with biomechanoids/organic robots "The commercial grey alien" Which are now part of the Trump's proposed space force. The surviving ET astronaut had been living with a family for a couple of days, before being captured by the military, where they (gender of victim unknown) had their long black hair shaved off and interrogated on the workings of the scavenged tech. The extraterrestrial refused to explain, and they let the extraterrestrial starve to death which lead to an autopsy, which a lot of fake footage represents.



The encounters of Yahweh


A safe landing and chit-chat with former automobile journalist and race car driver, who is now called Rael and chosen to be part of the responsibility of being part of the successive line of "messengers of humanity" in major religions that exist on the planet such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, to provide a basic history and spiritual lesson on life the universe and everything, and forming the atheistic religion like the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, known as the Raelian Movement,  less the satire and tongue in cheek.

I personally have mixed feelings on the idea to unclear logic and reason in providing and sharing the corrected information of the history of the planet to be packaged as a religion. Probably because much of the population of this planet is religious to some degree and religious institutions have effected society in some way or another politically, as when examining the "Fatima Event".  I personally participate with the movement, even when I am not the religious type, since have had a bad childhood experience because of religion in general and the human aspect around religion and even in standard social groups and clubs. The human factor usually creates me an an outsider even if I participate in a social group.

 I was  given a hint too it from my personal visit with an ET, Annananiah when I was 11 years old,  because they have done a lot of good and are doing a lot of good under the circumstances and drama, and a good selection of spirituality tips and an off world view history from the Extraterrestrials themselves since the previous books about the previous messengers have been misinterpreted, mistranslated and so on such as the Bible being 10% reliable. These days there are better translators and writers as compared with the iron age.

...Still Doing the Portrait, If I don't Kill myself first... regardless if the DWP spied and played mind games on me and pretended to be Yahweh, I hate this dystopian manipulative fascist government... they are so low THIS FUCKING GOVERNMENT IS SO FUCKING LOW AND DEGENERATE HARASSING PEOPLE , BY EVEN PRETENDING TO BE THE CREATOR OF LIFE ON THIS PLANET... what a fucking let down... this experience has made me feel suicidal


 You can get all the data and the written down messages here

Physical Books to buy, or Free to download and read.



The Utsuro-Bune Event


In 1803 in Hitachi province on the eastern coast of Japan, an extraterrestrial woman landed in the water and her ship drifted/moved like a boat, and she was acquainted by fishermen who took her, who appeared to be carrying a mysterious box which can be assumed to be a computer of some sort.


The wiki is here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utsuro-bune



Ancient Egypt

ET spacecraft landing on the back of the sphinx, , and the depiction of the green skinned space-"gods".



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