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Well this one took me a long while to do, due to the fact I had overwhelming distractions of virtual bullshit of rejections and bans through cyberspace(predominantly facebook, which I have decided to abandon over time, and migrate for my personal health and safety), and real life issues that mounted up to heights of weekly anxiety attacks, and a court trial from a cornershop scheister using my gender situation as a weapon to express his bigotry and ways and means to drain currency from me like obtaining water from Martian soil. From last week things started to settle and my artwork speed and pace started to gather momentum again… I did not wish to force this work under the social pressures but maintained a casual approach, so that the work did not develop the appearance of being rushed, and to retain the focus on quality. The owner of Lush artists gave me a new technique of red lining , an anatomy correction technique which would help my new work in the future, this work had to be edited and corrected in the middle of its development to fix most anatomy errors. It would have been completed sooner if they had been corrected when the characters in the work still existed as sketches. Next digital drawing/painting would be something of green skin, and also on the planning and idea of my next oil painting , and they would be rainbow tailed elves again.

This work has two internet memes in it…
the badger mushroom and flying spaghetti monster



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