Intimate Union




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I thought the poem as a description would be appropriate in a time where the possibility of a nuclear war, and the extinction of all life on this planet are extremely close... Maybe this poem would be the candle in this darkness of a waring world.

May I be the guide for those who are on the path
Like a warping of space spectrum, or the quantumly entangled electron
To be a vessel of those who imagine to explore the stars in a prosperous future.
May I be like the stars of a solar systems giving warmth and life to living planets
To be the creative miracle, to give others hopes and dreams of creation
To be creators of life of a multitude of living things and beings.

My I bring an awakening of love, peace and prosperity
To free all beings out of sorrow, suffering and conformity
So that they are all awakened, where the individuals of consciousness
Sees themselves, place and meaning in the expanse of the infinite.
An intimate union that is endless , no borders nor boundaries.

In other words, may the art take you on your journey
Through my inner universe to explore this infinite universe.




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