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A digital painting I done in with (Manga Studio, Photoshop in OSX) and  Corel Photo Paint and Apophysis(fractals) in windows. Koeksieters are a A South African desert, and the position these characters are in, intertwined looks like the desert delicacy. Where dough, that has been braided like hair is cooked in cane sugar syrup.



Also it is twisted like a 3 strand DNA, which reminds me of one of QKumba Zoo my favorite South African  artists  of the 90s. Good Gosh the 90s were the best. I cant seem to find the music video anymore on youtube.. which had the Avatar Trailer with the song. Sad when things disappear of the internet. It was even hosted via their offcial site. I cant seem to find the actual Music video for this song... its like it does not exist anymore. :(


I could only find a remix which sounds more housey, and it personally does not sound as good as the original being more happy-trancy-dancy , like Child Inside. I have asked them on Sound Cloud to post the original on Sound Cloud, I hope it is their official Sound Cloud account. They used to be full of happy electronic sounds that helped me with my depression when I used to live in South Africa on the radio, especially when I was lying in hospital with a broken back.... Now their songs are sad like the dying Earth, as it moves closer to my worst nightmare, WW3.



Anyway I had arranged the characters in the intertwined trib that reminds me of koeksisters, in a sort of tree like structure part of their spaceship, which spirals like  a  like the magnetic fields of planets and stars, blackholes and much more ... the the keys to space travel. The cyclicness and spin of all things.







fuck patents, they are holding the planet's progress back.





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