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Laura elfy
This one I had done for my friend Laura whom I am staying with for 2 weeks while job hunting in Cape Town, it is a manga one, and she is the elf with the lighter skin, and Zanaria the queen elf is the one with the pony tail. First time I had drawn the queen elf in Japanese anime style, really feel K.O by the fact that DSTV (SA sat tv) only now decided to have anime and manga channel, rather late, as usual as i am always ahead of time in many thoughts and ideas...well first time since they closed the science fiction channel I actually watched TV now and then more frequently, since I love anime/manga... my favorite one so far which i have seen is Solty Rei, others there is still more to see... I am wondering if they will put some elf friendly ones later in the future and also some hentai late nights, lol

I hope she loves it



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