Nova Prime




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This is some artwork I done of Warframe, an online game which I have been playing, and the character is Nova Prime, caught by an Infested space monster in an infested Archwing mission.


Also to note the infnity symbol in the game is the symbol of the cephlon suda syndicate, they are the good syndicate, and closest to the Lotus...


"A vast consciousness watching with a curious eye. Seemingly devoid of emotion Suda's thirst for knowledge and abhorrence[a feeling of revulsion; disgusted loathing.] of destruction and violence can only be described as passionate.
With such powerful technology rooted in the past the hunt for knowledge guides every force in the Solar System. At a time where information holds so much power Cephalon Suda, a consciousness seemingly devoid of emotion, follows a curious hunger to learn all she can."




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