Ban Nuclear Nuclear Weapons, Meditate for Peace




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Finally completed it.


Things are really getting tight, I have done this artwork to express my views about banning nukes








You can also color the picture in if you want I have the Line Art distributed Free Open Use , to express this message in your own style and colors and creativity.







Ban nukes, is the last chance.



 And  focusing and meditating on peace.



Here Are Some Instructive/guidance Audio Files to get you started...



I have been warning people in the past about the current circumstances we live in this present day as WW3, the beast is clawing at the door trying get in. I have warned people about Brexit, Trident, Trump and now WW3 is the last card we have to deal with. Please dont repeat this pattern, because if you do it would be human extinction. I have been having sleepless nights and urinating in bed, because my mind simulates the future on current events while sleeping into a nightmare. There is still a margin to stop this, but every one has to play their part in what way they can. Previous artworks I had done as "warnings" which were ignored / soft censored leading up to this painting are here in this sequence.


"The Third Code"


"No More War"



"What Did We Create"


"Winter Is Coming"


And some Music/Videos










The line art I distributed as stock for free to use.
I decided to share the line art as stock if people want to use it to colour/paint it in.




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