Seeders Of Dawn




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The Seeders Of Dawn,

A group of hermaphrodite space elves interact in a cultural sensual ceremony for their achievements in seeding life on a desolate planet, which they decided to call Dawn, first by bombarding it with comets, dragging a smaller planet into orbit to be its moon, since the existing moon, was to small to have impact on tides, and electromagnetic field generation, and then manipulating the evolution of life to create a balanced system of life in a self renewing ecosystem. Their culture is very much based on creativity and attention to details, Their home planet fell victim to their sun once upon a time, and often misinterpreted as space vagrants and invaders by emerging worlds such as Earth for example. The the number of planets they have seeded life extend outside of this galaxy from a galaxy far far away, and have bumped into seeders of life of the milky way.





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