Twangeling Ship Tentacles




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Some space elves are getting jiggy with the ship, which is organic as well as orgasmic.

I am going to be doing more sensual-erotic stuff now that I have my Cintiq, and will be doing more to protest against government censorship. Most of the politicians are pizzagate paedophile stupid free masons and they have the audacity and cheek force their weight around telling people what kink and porn people can watch and and not watch. Seriously WTF... “If your sex isn’t man on top, woman on the bottom, penis in vagina then it’s too dirty and we don’t want to know about it ” These people who forcing this shit on telling people what is Kosher and what is not Kosher in their stupid retarded terms are doing this while they are molesting children... and all their shit and evidence is on the darkweb. Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Saville and among others are into necrophilic-peadophlia . No rotten sick bitch is going to tell me what to do and what not to do.

I dont need this shit when I need any form of stimulus to make life more enjoyable while I wait and get fucked about the NHS for surgery because of cuts to the NHS by this retarded government for war and nuclear weapons, and stupid mother fucking dumbshit Brexit, which they are going ahead with it to make every citizen especially the sick, the disabled , the unemployed , the vulnerable suffer and get punished for their own stupidity ... where nuclear submarines become more important than the lives of the people... and dont get me started with this anti-immigration pumpkin pip brained racist pile of British redneck rampade shit that UKUP likes to reinforce with the Tories. Fuck Theresa May , if her stupidity and bullshit works down through society and cancels my surgery it is going to be me spray painting shit on the walls of number 10 downing street, it is that or suicide.

Dont you find it amusing that all the conspiracies Alex Jones used to ramble on about such as Fema(Concentration) Camps and what not, and now does not know that his Hero Jizztrumpet Fuckferret Donald Fucking Trump is going to be doing it first with the primitive barbaric ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Where they are going to hunt immigrants, and incarcerate them into concentration camps to be processed to deportation, later these camps In Trump's presidency will be used on USA citizens for petty crimes and bullshit non conforming. When it becomes to costly to deport them back the countries they ran away for their lives from, he is just going to cremate them like Hitler did, because Trump's wall and superior military is more important...but what I said about ICE may not happen or the wall because its so close to WW3 that he would kickstart the annihilation of humanity as a whole.
Kim Jong Un reacted to Britain voting forward for Trident, Reacted to Donald shit's "Make our military strong again" saying that the USA must stop making more nukes, and I will stop making my nukes when the USA stop making it's nukes...He said this officially to Trumpshit... but no trump wants a nuclear arms race... so Kim fired test missiles.. and still developing nukes as America is still developing nukes and installing them all over the fucking planet.



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