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The idea of this experiment is to use orgasms to create multiple warp bubbles with the idea of multiple orgasms, to enable travelling through multiple "universes", hooked up with tesla coils, toroid with plasma-magnetic metallic fluids inside. These beings are use to high voltage, because they come from a planet that is constantly bombarded with lighting storms.


 At 12/5/13 12:34 AM, Xiicubed wrote: How do you explain the Big Bang, which was created by God?

For me, there is no if, and such a thing is impossible and illogical, and that makes me an atheist. Then where I differ from the mainstream, I don't agree with the Big Bang theory because something cannot be created from nothing, and when something is contracting, somewhere its expanding (energy is neither created nor destroyed only transferred), but agree with the universe forming and dying simultaneously, recycling itself like all life cycles that occur in nature, a combination of order and chaos, expanding and imploding like a fluid torus with a tiny hole/funnel in the centre or the slingshot model of the universe. The definition of "universe" to define its perception in the past, has a different perception in modern terms, where the universe was called the infinite (the infinite explains what it is in its name, and contains an infinite number of universes in an infinite number of levels aka dimensions of space-time, to create a fractal where the looping Mandelbrot fractal is an excellent model of the infinite, and the tiny recognisable "structures" and shapes that look like the shape of the fractal within it can be perceived as universes.
The big bang theory is only based on portion, or the observed portion , with a large part on the history of the universe missing or reformatted like a recycled hard drive.






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