Winter Is Coming




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A quick digital painting I had done to express the chilling reality that "winter may be coming" using the Game Of Thrones meme and applying it to the reality of this present day., where Trump is depicted as the dystopian villain that would bring about a nuclear holocaust , if he is not stopped from using nuclear weapons, or trolls an opposing small earth nation's politician such as Kim Jong-un into using them as an excuse for him to launch his nuclear payload all over the planet.


Winter is coming when nations divide,
peace becomes a pipe dream,
life support system of planet fails
pollution contamination everywhere,
surviving costs an arm and a leg.

Winter is coming when high walls are built,
the stench of Brexit fills the air,
nuclear weapons and warshit increase
When food, housing, and health decrease

Winter is coming when the NHS
demands a payment fee that was once free
when there are more prisons than universities
while science is denied and religion grows extreme

Winter is coming when USA takes over
everything and the interwebs,
nuclear bases sprout here and there
nuclear power plants splill their guts
when cancer fills the air.

Winter is coming the black snake
coils around the planet's water lifeline,
everyone joins the nuclear arms race bandwagon.
Nuclear war test sirens fill the air

When the messenger of the extraterrestrials
talks about stock piling nuclear warshit,
the nuclear nightmares grow worse
anti-war protests become wispers
Doomsday clock begins to run out of time

Winter is coming when censorship grows
when not ending up in prison becomes a challenge
when employment becomes complete slavery
when most technology is used as weapons.

Winter is coming, winter is coming
The planet has gone mad
The politicians have gone insane
Winter is coming...



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