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This one is also part of the gift art package to my friend in Australia which is one the best I say I have done on facial portraits of a Na'vi character called Neytiri from the movie called avatar which in fact is very similar to my art of space elfies and elves who have a moon called the blue moon which is similar to Pandora.
A blue elfy movie called Avatar went to the 2D and 3D screens, where many people who knew me and my artwork, had recognized a similarity in things, he possibly visited my deviantart page or site or it was a game of telepathy  part of this conscious art, mentioned in Arts Of Sensuality . Many have stated this to me as well, and not only my personal assumption.., just that James Camaron's Elfies the Na'vi well had not started to explore space yet..but humanity from planet Earth tried to exploit there home world a Blue Moon called Pandora, orbiting a blue gas giant in 4 Centauri Solar System, which is very similar to my Elves of the Blue moon,



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