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A portrait of a friend who requested I draw them..
Unfortunately she isn't on deviantart and has limited Internet access .

She is in Cape Town and when i went there twice, first when i went to Gender Dynamix, and secondly when I visited Laura, she was upset that she could not see me, as it would have been wonderful..
as we have so much in common personality wise, ideas , understandings of life but differences too :hug:

She provided some poor quality photos possibly taken by a phone camera, but were dressed and wanted the artwork nude. But she did provide a nude photo.. but she was spreading... :giggle:
So... I had to make a plan... Photoshop in my head, and put it down to paper..

I hope she sees this in time.


Beautiful wonder of the Cape
I only heard of you,
We wish we met,
We wish our dreams were met.

Sadly I do not feel that we will meet
But only online and on phone
The fate of the Universe had played our love hard
I wish we would forever meet.

I would dream the time we could spend together
The dreams we could share,
As you are someone would accept my love
In all shapes and sizes and all types
As I know you would give your love
The same way I would do...

Maybe there is a maybe...
We are far apart
Thousand kilometres of resentful
Dry land , that has been crying for love
Crying for rain, and crying for freedom.

Lots of love



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