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  The art piece this is about a telepathic connection between the elf being in the space craft and the planets she is passing. The character is Intersexed with vague ambiguous genitalia... leaning more to the feminine..


I have managed to arrive in the UK yesterday, it was along journey, of 3 hours by car, 10 hours by plane and then four and a half hours by train and 15 minutes by taxi.

First of all it actually feels like I am in a dream here being across the planet in a different piece of land, its kind of like i am exploring a new but similar planet, hehehe but its on the same planet which actually illustrates the diversity alone on this planet, however since something's are different, there are something's that seem to be the same where ever you go on this planet. Certain aspects and even the pronunciation of words, for example, the word 'fuck' in afrikaans is pronounced as 'fo-hk' rhyming with the word fork. Here there are several English dialects of the language of English, with different accents and some of them say the word fuck as fok lol as if there seems to be a common pattern of things which is quite funny and amazing, then secondly what one can learn the similarities and unique differences of this planet and apply the concepts and ideas to the galaxy, one would see a trend of common patterns that occurs within all the humanities living on different planets as well as there unique patterns and differences. It is something to think about.

I am still trying to get to get used to the look and feel and the way things run here, and so far it seems to be more efficient than southern Kama such as the health system as especially the transport system.

On my flight to the Uk i had been visited by the Elohim four times at different events and a possible photo where i had caught one on my mobile which i would upload to my deviantart scraps [link] while leaving south africa and passing over Zimbabwe, the Elohim flew under the craft and very close, and flashed in a variety of colours, pink, blue, orange , red , green , yellow.. Then at the equator, there was a storm, it flew through the clouds nearby, then over France while the sun was rising, and then finally before I landed, it flew around rapidly around the X- formation of clouds which hovered over London most of the entire day, where the planes pass over from Heathrow , Here I showed some of the passengers the 'UFO' spacecraft and they were amazed.. and how fast it moved in comparison to the plane that was near it in the X-formation of clouds.

Well back to the art piece this is abbot a telepathic connection between the elf being in the space craft and the planets she is passing. This is a second image for Gildas my Raelian Guide..
Much Love and huggles



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