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This turned out to be my best hand drawing of Dana International so far...(2008)
This one is for Sandra, a friend in Spain fro her birthday and is a die hard Dana fan, but sadly for some strange reason she isn't able to come online often. I covered the nipples with her hair to avoid the tag, as Sandra is not a member of deviantart, and she wont have time to sighn up if she has little internet access, she will be getting the original posted sometime....

the image was drawn in pencil on paper, and "wet" effect by using eraser...

I miss her lots...

Her situation is very strange... I hope it comes right...

From the love of my heart
I cry for you for I feel your pain
I know you're soul is tied up..
You are not as free as you used to be...

I draw this picture for the tears in my eyes.
I let out my full creativity
It will eliminate your negativity
I wish you lots of love and hugs
and Happy Birthday...

Love from Zana /Danielle



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