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Well I have done a drawing of Dana which I will send, its for Sandra and I apologies that it will be sent late to you, because i could not leave the cottage with my bad stomach to send your post, but I decided to do this an extra with the CD i send you and talking about art i still need to do your 3D Dana. Please don't kill me its late, and Virpi I apologies for not giving your post as well, and that I could not phone you because i am out of money and saved money for the post, so I don't spend it. This Dana piccy well i started drawing her naked, but i think Sandra would have been disturbed seeing a naked Dana so i gave her some fantasy clothes, very skimpy tight fitting clothes which would probably be in the fashion in 2020 something...or maybe sooner...
O.k If i were the fashion designer, the outfit would be made of an elastic rubbery material, which could be worn for any occasion , and can stretch around your body according to your body shape. It off course can be worn in water or out of water so its amphibious pair of clothing. Inside the core of the material would be filaments which can be turned on or off, when its cold they can be turned on and heat up the body sort of way an electric blanket works, but it does not work with electricity but by capturing the body's energy from its force field and movement.




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