Donna Grabow




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Donna Grabow

Gift art for Raelian Artist friend Donna :
Its a portrait of her in front of the Embassy.. and the Elohim space craft has landed and they have gone inside..

To see the model of it which I used as a reference its at
[link] and more information about the Embassy for Extra terrestrials.

She has been done up as an elf with body paint with many patterns and designs.

Yup this was promised before I got my sub this month, so the person who gave me there subscription I do there art next. If only Donna gave me her reference piccies sooner while i was out of bandwidth, it would have been done and uploaded by the time I went back online... But Its done, which is the main thing..

Donna I hope you love it, and thanks again for the video you compiled for me, will make you one as well, which is in the que of artwork, but i cannot promise it, since time is very short for me since I will be going very soon. If I am lucky I will try one.

Lotsa Love

Note that the patterns of the body art on her body match up to some of the Corn Circles of recent years combined together.



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