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Eloha = singular for Elohim
This is an artwork for Ian the Laughing Bhudda, based on an Eloha who visited me (encounter as you say of the kind where they remain in there ships, fly past and send telepathic thoughts).
I almost took a photo of her space craft, it was blue and glowing, however she disappeared soon, laughing and then came past a second time when i put the camera in my pocket, glowing orange and flew off into space.
She Loves to laugh and be happy, and as one could say a fan of Ian's work.
And no i did not ask for her name, I am bad with names..
2 "ufo's" are docked on this larger space ship which orbits earth, through the main window of her section of the ship or any planet if travelling in a large research team/work team etc... the reason is because they open up from underneath them with a stairway leading down..
Lotsa Love

For more information on the Elohim, Yahweh and Rael
The Laughing Bhudda



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