Drawing for Gildas




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I do apologise I could not do the photo shoot and was cancelled, I am visiting a friend in Eshowe before I leave and I upload this and post this. This is to my Southern Kama Raelian Guide as a gift...

I feel awful that i could not notify you on those who were waiting for the photo shoot of the blue elfies, and I even got the stuff, a few friends on Facebook knew since somehow on deviantart since its in version 6 I cannot log in on my mobile phone to check notes and messages. I am very sorry about that.

I will be doing an elfy one and a mermaid one for my friend in Finland for her birthday as well, I will upload them when I am at the UK.
Lotsa Love

Yup having no bandwidth is awful especially when i am leaving its like i have already left already..
My dream is I hope this nonsense would end next year in Southern Kama(south africa).



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