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This is a gift art for my Raelian Guide In Israel..
Leon Mellul, Raelian Guide

he did not say exactly what he wanted... (telepathy or not) This is what I came up with... and any thingies in the sky while doing this ?, yes 4 times... which appeared like stars under the clouds (as its raining) that moved about with the colours orange, pink and blue. and no I dont take pot...

I promised this one for him before I went on holiday..
I hope he likes it..

About the Image, well its sensual art which was requested, well i think he said one figure, i put too in, Just to show Love and Sensuality and I was feeling down...
I feel a bit better..
The one is a half elf to add my touch to the image...
based on a gift art done by a friend on deviantart...

The necklace around the one girl is the Raelian Medallion ([link]) and I used Leon Mellul's as a reference in his photo.

then the setting is what I imagine to be somewhere on The Planet of Eternals, or perhaps a another life-seeded planet planet..* don't know I just drew it and it made me happy and feel bit better..

I removed the term colonized,* since i never thought it had a negative connotation in human outlook here on Earth.. (it is noticeable when you think when people colonised countries.. look at the political problems its caused today !! )
since it was referred to like taking over a planet that has life existing on it already created by other sentient beings besides the Elohim, since no one has a right to claim a planet, as its for all sentient beings across the Universe to SHARE.. so in other words The Earth , or even pieces of land called countries are not to be owned by anyone, but SHARED.. these concepts are explained in correct definition in the Maitreya on Rael's site [link]

Lotsa Love and hugs

~Yes this is On the Planet of Eternals ((^_^)) been posted I hope it arrives safely..



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