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Gift art of sensual elves for Liisa
Yup the pen drawings i did for her got lost in the post, and this is a replacement...
It was one of the most well... just sharpening the pencil all the time annoyed me, and then trying not to colour up the paper with the hair, paper starts to scratch up, which happened a bit.. because of the so sharp pencil point. If paper was A3 size it would have been better and i would have got the details better...

I tried to draw something 3 times today, then this came up... yup looks better than the others which I threw away..
as there bodies were out of shape...
This ones o.k, i know i would have done better if the paper was bigger... and i would have filled in more detail.
So I would have to send her this.... and I hope she gets it this time...



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